Prices for SEO website promotion in the Top 2024

Interested in how much does SEO cost to promote a website to the top 10 in a European country? The cost of promoting websites of various types on a turnkey basis in the cities of Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany and other European countries. Price list for 2024 in the digital agency iFish.

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Turnkey cost of SEO promotion

Are you planning to order Top SEO website promotion? And your goal is to quickly bring your website to the TOP 10 search engines Google/Yandex? Are you interested in attracting only potential clients with the help of “white” promotion, rationally spending the budget allocated for it? Do you want to increase sales of your products or services every month without the risk of being sanctioned by search engines? Order turnkey SEO website promotion from the iFish digital agency – and we will help you solve each of your tasks in the most effective way with a minimum of costs.

Ordering SEO website promotion in search engines and a full range of search engine optimization services is recommended if:

  • You are about to create a website and want it to have the optimal structure for further promotion.
  • You need to assemble an effective semantic core to bring maximum targeted traffic to your site.
  • You want to add new sections to your site and optimize them to attract traffic.
  • The texts on your website need to be updated and adapted to the changing requirements of search engines.
  • You are interested in assessing the current quality of optimization and improving it.
  • You are not satisfied with the amount of traffic that you have already achieved, and you are looking for ways to increase it.
  • You want to entrust link building to professionals.

Among the advantages of turnkey website promotion it is worth noting:

Highly profitable method focused on increasing sales and orders.
Positive impact on brand reputation.
Increasing user engagement and forming a permanent loyal audience.
Maximizing targeted visitors to the site.

But do not forget that comprehensive website promotion also has its disadvantages:

Higher cost due to higher labor costs.
Longer turnaround times.

Promoting websites in the Top 10 involves performing large-scale work aimed at:

  • maximum expansion of the semantic core;
  • increasing positions;
  • improving the usability of the site;
  • growth of search traffic;
  • increase in conversion rate;
  • improvement of behavioral factors.

The final price of turnkey SEO promotion is influenced by the age of the site being promoted and the amount of work required to bring the web resource to the TOP.

Promotion typeCost of promotion
Promotion of a young websitefrom €370
Comprehensive website promotionfrom €510

What does the cost of SEO website promotion consist of?

Internal (technical) optimization

This stage of work is performed by optimizers together with programmers. The task of SEO specialists is to find flaws on the site that negatively affect the indexing of pages by search bots, the position of a web resource in search results, or the user experience. Based on the results of identified errors, tasks for updating the site for programmers are formed. You can order SEO website promotion at the site development stage or separately, for an already created project up to 5 years after development.
01 Stage

SEO copywriting

The text material prepared by the copywriter must be unique, easy to read, understandable, and also include key queries in various word forms in optimal quantities. At the same time, not only copywriters work on creating optimized texts for search queries, but also optimizers, who first draw up technical specifications for texts, as well as content managers, who then post the written texts on a web resource, taking into account the recommendations of search engines. Prices for creating content depend on the skill level of copywriters, the complexity of a specific topic, and the volume of text (1-2 thousand characters are enough for a page with products, 2-2.5 thousand characters are enough for a page with services).
02 Stage

SEO audit

In order to adjust the promotion strategy, optimizers monthly analyze the effectiveness of site promotion for: - the number of transitions to the site and traffic sources; - statistics on current positions in Yandex and Google search engines in promotion regions; - site visibility dynamics; - cost of one visitor; - other KPIs as agreed with the customer. You receive the data obtained during the audit in the form of a report. A properly conducted SEO audit allows you to reduce the cost of website promotion in the next month without reducing or even increasing the effectiveness of promotion.
03 Stage

SEO consultations

While working on website promotion, you may have additional questions. To answer them, the specialist will need to spend part of his working time, which must be paid. The cost of an SEO consultation depends not only on its duration, but also on the skill level of the specialist.
04 Stage

Formation of the semantic core

Collecting targeted queries in combination with work on the site structure is the most extensive stage of work that is performed exclusively by SEO specialists. Expanding the semantic core of the site and grouping keywords into the most relevant groups allows you to increase the number of search queries for which the web resource will be displayed in search results. In addition, a broad semantic core makes it possible to create an optimal structure by planning in advance the pages and sections necessary for promotion based on user requests. The more keys a site ultimately contains, the longer it takes to process them (up to several business days) and the higher the cost of site promotion. You can order SEO website promotion without creating a list of requests only if you have already collaborated on website promotion and you have a list of requests for your project.
05 Stage

Link building

Forming a link profile as a set of works to build and manage the link mass is one of the ways to increase a site’s ranking in search engines. In order to win over search engines and provide relevant, constant and voluminous traffic to your site, backlinks must be obtained from quality resources. The price of posting content on donor sites depends on the internal policy of each of them, the cost of writing anchors and near-link text by copywriters, as well as the cost of placing the links themselves.
06 Stage

Internal website optimization price

If your website is not optimized, search engine promotion is useless. To prepare a website for promotion in search engines, SEO (internal) optimization of a web resource is necessary. After it is carried out, the search engine (Google or Yandex) will be able to understand for which queries your site should be shown in the search results. Internal website optimization is a set of works to improve technical and textual factors in order to increase the number of key phrases for which your website is ranked in search engines and their positions in search results. At the same time, the design and appearance of your site remain the same. Proper search engine optimization of a website includes the following types of work:

  • Eliminate duplicate pages.

For each type of duplicate pages, the optimal elimination method is selected (this can be a redirect or the canonical attribute). After eliminating duplicates on a site with unique content, search engines will be more loyal to the web resource, and it will be ranked better.

  • Correct formation of page addresses.

The address of each page must be relevant to the query that users enter in the address bar. Such Google and Yandex pages rank better than CNC links.

  • Development of the semantic core of the site.

The success of promoting your project depends on the correct composition of the semantic core of the site. Therefore, it is so important to first competently expand the semantic core, select synonyms, and then form the main groups of queries for landing pages.

  • Competently compiling meta titles and meta descriptions for pages.

Website optimization requires paying special attention to the manual compilation of meta tags. When forming a meta title (title), words from the most high-frequency queries are placed at the beginning of it, and a meta description of the page (description) encourages the user to go to it.

  • High-quality writing of SEO texts for promoted pages.

Texts posted on web pages must be unique and interesting for site visitors. And for proper search engine optimization, they must contain key queries, exact and inaccurate occurrences. The cost of internal website optimization depends on the topic and number of landing pages – product categories or types of services – and is approximately:

Number of category pagesDeadlines, daysPrice for internal website optimization
20-40up to 15€460
40-60up to 20€550
60-80up to 25€650
80-140up to 30€740

Price of SEO-copywriting

SEO copywriting is the process of writing unique texts for each landing page of a website using search queries from the semantic core. If you do not have a semantic core, we will take care of its development. The cost of SEO copywriting services depends on the required amount of text, as well as the topic of the niche in which the site is being promoted. The costs of creating SEO-optimized texts can reach from 10% to 20% of the total website promotion budget. Prices for 1 thousand characters of text of a certain volume are shown in the table.

Text volume, thousand charactersDeadlines, daysPrice for 1 thousand characters
30-50up to 15€9
50-100up to 20€7
over 100up to 20€6

Price of SEO-audit

An SEO site audit includes a series of processes aimed at finding possible errors on the site from an SEO point of view, which interfere with the successful ranking of the site in search engines. An SEO audit differs from SEO optimization in that it directly involves checking the site for errors using an agreed upon checklist and drawing up a detailed report with clear recommendations for eliminating errors. Whereas SEO optimization is aimed at identifying errors and correcting them. The cost and timing of an SEO audit for different types of sites varies and is approximately:

Site typeDeadlines, daysCost of SEO audit
One-pagerto 10€460
Servicescompany websiteup to 20€550
Online storeup to 30€650
Portalup to 45€830

Price for SEO consultations

To get SEO advice and find out what effective website promotion is, you send us a request. The cost of a consultation depends on which specialist provides the service (free consultations are available only to iFish clients). We are ready to advise you on all niches and topics of websites in the most convenient way for you:

  • by phone +447788811300;
  • via email ;
  • in messengers Telegram, Viber, Whatsapp.

Current prices are presented in the table.

ConsultantAmount of time, min.Cost of SEO consultation
Junior SEO Specialist60€50
Head of SEO60€60

Price for forming a semantic core

Collecting a semantic core involves generating a list of key phrases in the required language, distributed into semantic groups, each of which corresponds to one landing page of the site.

The main tasks of this stage include:

  • Writing SEO-optimized texts using keywords.
  • Creation of title and description meta tags.
  • Collecting words to track site positions in search engines.

The cost and timing of creating a semantic core depend on the number of categories of goods or services on the site and is calculated individually for each project. Current prices are presented in the table.

Number of landing pagesDeadlines, daysCost per 1 URL
from 25 to 50 categoriesservicesup to 15€9
from 50 to 100 categoriesservicesup to 25€7
over 100 categories/servicesup to 25€6

The cost of link building

Link building is one of the most effective SEO optimization methods, the essence of which is to build a link mass in order to increase the site’s ranking in search engines. Link building is suitable for the following categories of customers:

  • young little-known brands;
  • companies operating in highly competitive niches;
  • brands who want to improve their visibility and increase website traffic.

The process of building links consists of successive stages:

  1. Selection of thematic content that is valuable for visitors for the purpose of its further placement on the donor website.
  2. Developing a strategy for building link mass in a short time.
  3. Collecting a database of contacts who may be interested in your business niche.
  4. Placing links on authoritative relevant sites (thematic forums and blogs, online publications, social networks, photo and video catalogs).

Unlike buying links on exchanges, link building is a more painstaking and time-consuming process, since the selection of donor sites is done manually. Another way to promote SEO using links is crowd marketing . The method is aimed at attracting the target audience to the site by placing links along with recommendation reviews on forums, blogs, in comments under videos and articles about your company’s products or services. This safe technology of hidden marketing is suitable for promoting websites of any subject and for any business niche, and it is also low cost.

When used correctly, crowd marketing helps:

  • Increase website visibility in Google search.
  • Increase awareness and improve brand image.
  • Get targeted traffic to the site.

If you have a website selling goods, then crowd marketing can be used for SEO promotion of the resource and promotion of key queries to the TOP of Google search. Companies that provide services get the maximum benefit from crowdlinks. The cost of forming a link building strategy depends on the total number of links being placed and is:

Number of linksPrice for 1 link
up to 50€4
up to 100€3
from 100€2

Moreover, depending on the quality of the site, placing one link can cost up to €280-€370.

Cost of website promotion in European country

SEO optimization and website promotion to the Top remains one of the most profitable and at the same time cheapest ways to attract visitors from search traffic. Depending on the volume of work to be done, the cost of search engine promotion in the European country varies from €280 to €9,300. Taking into account the inertia of the process, the promotion period starts from 3 months.

The price for website promotion is formed based on several criteria:

  • remuneration of specialists who are involved in the development and promotion of the site (optimizers, programmers, copywriters, content managers, link builders, etc.);
  • associated costs.

The cost of services for each team member for website promotion depends on the volume and complexity of the work they perform. It is logical: firstly, it takes more time to solve a larger number of problems, and secondly, more complex tasks require the involvement of more qualified specialists, whose cost per hour of work is higher. Related costs in SEO make up that part of the promotion budget that is spent on paying for the placement of links and the services of outsourcing specialists. The cost of placing links on sites depends on the tariffs of each of them. The higher the competition in a niche, the more expensive each link is. You can get free backlinks by publishing guest posts on popular information resources, but you will still have to spend money on creating high-quality content that meets the requirements of the resource. Also, the size of associated costs is largely influenced by the theme of the site and the level of competition in a particular business niche. So, if we are talking about writing texts on medical or legal topics by professional authors, the cost of 1 thousand characters can be several times higher than the average prices for the services of copywriters specializing in other topics. The cost of website promotion in a European country depends on the SEO promotion method used by specialists. Current prices for 2024 are shown in the table.

Promotion typeCost of promotion
Traffic promotionfrom €0.1 per transition
Promotion by positionfrom €1 per request
Promotion by conversionfrom €2 per lead

The goal of traffic promotion , the minimum cost of which starts from €0.1 per click, is to attract the required number of visitors. This method is suitable for young sites to which it is important to attract the attention of potential customers. The benefits of traffic promotion include:

Transparent cooperation scheme.
Increased trust from search engines.
Increased demand for goods or services presented on the site.
Payment for results.

At the same time, traffic promotion has several disadvantages :

For a high return on investment, it is necessary to take measures to increase conversion.
The likelihood of attracting an uninterested audience to the site by unscrupulous performers of work.

A simple and effective, but already slightly outdated method of promoting positions with a minimum cost of €1 per request is aimed at bringing a group of keys to the TOP of search results. Prices in this case fluctuate depending on the number of key queries and the competitiveness of the niche. This method is recommended if your site has already gained some popularity and you want to make it a leader in search queries. Obvious advantages of website promotion by position:

Working on brand reputation.
Easy to check for results.
Payment for results.


No guaranteed sales.
Probability of taking into account low-frequency requests that bring little traffic.
The performers lack responsibility for attracted users.

Promotion by conversion

The purpose of this promotion method, in which payment is made for the number of targeted actions performed by visitors, is to attract as many applications as possible to the site. The process requires the involvement of experienced specialists, as well as tracking accepted applications or calls. This method is definitely right for you if:

  • your website presents simple products or services;
  • prices are known to the client in advance and do not require personal calculation;
  • lead generation channels are simple and clear;
  • you are ready to adjust your pricing policy in accordance with the recommendations of SEO specialists.

There are three types of conversion promotion with a starting price of €2 per lead:

  • promotion for calls;
  • promotion for applications;
  • promotion for the received client.

The main advantages of conversion promotion:

Payment for ready clients.
Minimal risk.

But conversion promotion also has disadvantages :

High cost of leads.
Difficulty in making forecasts.
Not for all types of business.

In general, the cost of website promotion in the European country is determined based on the number of search queries for which promotion will be carried out and the timing of the work.

Number of search phrasesPromotion terms, monthsPrice
1000-2000from 12€370
2000-3000from 9€550
from 3000from 6from €920

The exact cost of website promotion is determined taking into account the individual characteristics of a particular project, which can be revealed by a thorough analysis of the web resource.

Prices for website optimization and promotion depending on their type

The cost of website optimization is determined individually based on the set of services required to promote a web resource. This list is compiled taking into account the type of site, its technical condition, as well as its position in search results. According to their purpose and content, sites are divided into several types: one-page sites (landing page), business card sites, corporate sites, online stores. The cost of internal optimization of websites of various types is presented in the table.

Site typePrice for internal website optimization, EUR
Landing pagefrom 116
Business card websitefrom 160
Corporate websitefrom 230
Online storefrom 465

Poland website promotion price

The cost of search engine promotion of a website to the Top when ordering in different regions of the European country varies. Thus, in Poland, prices for SEO services are higher than in other regions of the European country: promotion of a simple business card website from top studios according to 2024 standards will cost you from 350 EUR per month. And if we are talking about a portal with a number of pages up to 30,000, then the monthly budget for SEO promotion will be from 814 EUR. If you want to save money, you can turn to freelancers for help, but in this case it is important to find worthy performers, otherwise you risk wasting your money.

Czech Republic website promotion price

The minimum monthly budget that will need to be allocated for SEO promotion of a small website in the city of the Czech Republic in 2024 will be 280 EUR. Promotion of a large website (an online store with a large range of products or a portal) can cost several times more, especially when ordering a range of search engine promotion services.

Spain website promotion price

Prices for multi-regional promotion of a corporate website in the city of Spain in 2024 start from 290 EUR per month. Regional SEO promotion of an online store will cost a little more – from 340 EUR, and multi-regional SEO – from 480 EUR.

Price for website promotion Germany

The minimum optimal budget for search engine promotion of a small regional website in the city of Germany by digital agency specialists is 230 EUR per month. This is provided that about 15 hours per month will be devoted to working on your project, and 1 hour of specialist work will cost 15 EUR. The price of SEO promotion for a large online store or turnkey service will naturally be higher.

Website promotion in Google price

Upon request, we promote a web resource regardless of your location as a customer and the domain zone of your website for any country where the popular Google search engine operates: European country, USA, UAE, etc. Promotion is carried out by increasing the site’s position in organic ( free) Google search. The cost of the service depends on the number of requests for which the site is promoted: the more keywords there are in the TOP 10 Google search results, the more targeted traffic will come to the site, which will provide you with more sales of goods or orders for services. Prices for website promotion on Google, depending on the selected service package, are presented in the table.

Service package typeNumber of search queries, per monthPromotion terms, monthsPrice, per month
“Starting”up to 20005-6€370
“Stable”up to 40004-8€550
“Advanced”from 4000from 5€920

The cost of promoting an online store

The cost of promoting an online store is formed on the basis of 2 types of work:

1. Internal work to optimize the selling platform for 1 month, which includes:

  • Collection of search queries on the subject of your business.
  • Clustering keywords by landing pages.
  • Formation of meta tags for each page.
  • Drawing up technical specifications for writing SEO-optimized texts for a copywriter.
  • Copywriter writing SEO texts for placement on category and subcategory pages.
  • Installation of analytics (Google Analytics or Yandex Metrica) on the site.
  • Adding a site to the toolbar for webmasters Google Webmaster Tools.
  • SEO audit of your website.
  • Adding a site to Google Maps.

The costs of technical optimization of an online store in the first month of promotion can range from 50% to 70% of the monthly SEO promotion budget.

2. External work to promote the online store in the following months, in particular:

  • Website analysis for visits, user behavior and conversions.
  • Writing advertising articles.
  • Placement of advertising articles on third-party resources with a link to your online store.
  • Searching for new key phrases and further optimizing pages for them.
  • Promotion of all keywords for which your online store has been optimized.

Due to the variability of search engine algorithms, 5% to 25% of the SEO promotion budget should be allocated for technical improvements to the online store in the subsequent months of promotion. In addition, the price of SEO promotion for an online store is greatly influenced by the type of platform on which the site is created. For example, the cost of promoting an online store on 1C-Bitrix usually exceeds the cost of promoting a similar selling platform on the popular OpenCart engine, since the process requires the involvement of highly qualified specialists. Tariffs for online store promotion, depending on the selected service package, are presented in the table.

Service package typeNumber of keywordsPrice (per month)
SEO “Online store M”up to 1000€370
SEO “Online store L”up to 2000€550
SEO “Online store XL”from 3000€920

Cost of website promotion services

If an online store already at the indexing stage makes it possible to receive the first orders, then this will not work with a service site: here the trust of site visitors to the company/brand plays an important role in making an order. Therefore, unlike SEO promotion of an online store, promotion of a service website is almost impossible without three components:

  • quality content;
  • success stories;
  • brand fame.

Features of promoting a service website also include:

  • A narrow semantic core compared to a wide semantic core, which gives the intersection of a large number of products and product categories in an online store.
  • The importance of having high-quality texts on service pages and their more complex writing compared to the product description.
  • Active work with references due to the absence of the need to limit the number of external links placed (unlike product cards, the number of which in an online store can be measured in the thousands, and placing many links threatens the site with falling under search engine sanctions).

In turn, the narrow semantics of a service website complicates the creation of each new page for a cluster and its harmonious fit into the site, which leads to an increase in the volume and timing of work, and, accordingly, an increase in the cost of SEO promotion. Higher prices for website promotion services are also due to the choice of more professional authors to write texts that should inspire the trust of visitors (and the services of such authors are more expensive compared to ordinary copywriters). Plus, the cost of promoting a service website increases due to the fact that you have to pay for the placement of a large number of external links. The cost of promoting a service website in the first month can range from 10% to 30% of the monthly budget.

Cost of promotion on Google maps

If you don’t already have a Google Maps page, we’ll create and optimize one. The service also includes website promotion for regional queries, including in organic search results. See details on the local SEO promotion service. When promoting in Google Maps, there is still an opportunity to quickly get the opinion of resource visitors about the quality of goods or services provided by the company, based on the reviews left. This is one of the components of company reputation management. The more positive reviews you have on Google Maps, the higher your site will be rated (above 4*). At your request, in order to improve your reputation on Facebook, Instagram and review sites, we can calculate the number of reviews required for a positive rating. The cost of promotion on Google maps depends on the service package you choose and is presented in the table.

Service package typeCost of promotion in Google Maps

When ordering reviews on Google Maps, the cost of the service depends on the number of reviews ordered and is:

Number of reviewsDeadlines, daysPrice for 1 review
up to 25from 30€14
up to 50from 40€9
from 100from 50€6

Cost of website optimization on Wordpress

The WordPress platform is considered SEO friendly: with proper optimization of a web resource on this CMS, you can easily take a position in the TOP 3 of Google search results. But before you start promoting a website on WordPress, it is initially important to meet two conditions: the presence of a high-quality website and unique content on it. Then further involvement of experienced SEO specialists helps to increase the position of the web resource in search engines. WordPress sites have several main advantages in terms of their promotion:

Free license
Ease of use
Lots of helper plugins
Good indexing by search engines

However, WordPress is not perfect: when optimizing sites on this platform, problems may arise due to the disadvantages of the CMS:

Poor set of promotion tools
Reduced performance due to using a large number of plugins
Automatic system updates (so you only need to install them manually)

To successfully optimize sites on WordPress, you need at least two plugins: Rus to Lat (Cyr to Lat), All In One Seo Pack. Installing these add-ons allows you to:

  • Manually edit meta tags for each page, section, post, product card.
  • Manage indexing settings.
  • Connect analytics tools from Google.
  • Set up previews for posting pages on social networks and instant messengers.
  • Create XML maps.

Cost of website optimization on Bitrix

The Bitrix content management system is preferred by 60% of owners of Russian-language websites. The nuance is that this CRM is designed for large projects and large budgets, including when it comes to website promotion on Bitrix. Compared to website optimization on WordPress, the process of website promotion in search engines created on Bitrix is more complex due to the features of this platform, so it is not an easy task even for experienced specialists.

When promoting sites on Bitrix, it is important for an SEO specialist to consider the following points:

  • The Bitrix content management system has high hosting requirements. Therefore, to successfully promote a website using this engine, you should not skimp on server power and Internet speed.
  • You should be careful when integrating with other software products, for example, 1C. To avoid failures in the future, it is necessary to first check the database structure in order to identify and eliminate possible errors.
  • Use the platform’s capabilities wisely. So, on 1C Bitrix website promotion has flexible settings.
The advantages of website promotion on Bitrix include:
Convenient work with headings and meta tags.
Create autocomplete templates.
Keyword occurrence statistics.
Indexing status tracking.
Working with Google and Yandex webmastering services.
Creating and updating Sitemap.xml.
Generating user-friendly URLs (links).
Optimized work with robots.txt.
Integration with the service “Original texts. Yandex”.
But website optimization with Bitrix also has its downsides:
Inconvenient interface.
Limited capabilities of the SEO module.
Resource intensity.
1C updates.
There are a lot of duplicate pages.
Paid license.
The high cost of services of programmers specializing in Bitrix.

What determines the cost of SEO?

The cost of SEO promotion in search engines depends on such main factors as:

  • Domain age. The younger the site, the more difficult, and therefore more expensive, to promote it. To increase the trust of search engines, promotion is carried out gradually, starting with low-frequency (LF) queries.
  • Current site positions. The more positions are initially close to the first page of search results, the cheaper and faster it is to promote the site.
  • Internal SEO optimization of the site. The presence on the site of unique content with useful information for users, meta tags, linking, microdata, combined with high site loading speed, ensures more economical and faster promotion of the web resource.
  • Technical condition of the site. The level of site readiness for promotion is determined after an SEO audit. Based on its results, the time for making changes to improve the functionality is also determined. In some cases, correcting current errors on a website can take considerable time and cost more than developing a website from scratch.
  • Number of promoted requests. The more high-frequency (HF) requests selected for promotion, the more expensive its cost and the longer the promotion period.
  • Link mass. There are two types of external links: eternal (you pay for them once upon purchase, and exist as long as the site on which they are located exists) and temporary (you order them for a certain period of time, after which they are either removed, or you extend the deal). Purchasing permanent links allows you to promote high frequency queries with a low probability of being sanctioned by search engines, plus natural transitions are possible through such links. Temporary links are cheaper than permanent ones, but their removal can greatly deteriorate the site’s link profile and lead to a decrease in its ranking.
  • Degree of competition and region. When ranking sites in search results, search engines Google, Yandex and others use the user’s geodata. Thanks to this, the site can be promoted both locally to a specific region (city, region), country, and to the entire continent. Moreover, the wider the geographical reference, the greater the audience coverage will be. The number of competing sites in the business niche of the promotion region directly affects the amount of work to be done and the time it takes to promote a web resource: the more there are, the more difficult and expensive it is to get to high positions for high-frequency queries. But a large number of competitors also have their advantage: this allows you to analyze their marketing techniques and thereby makes it easier to draw up your own development strategy, and subsequently improve it.
  • Updating search algorithms. The constant complication of search algorithms entails frequent internal and external improvements, thereby leading to an increase in the cost of SEO website promotion.

Question answer

Is it worth ordering SEO website promotion during quarantine?

Certainly. This is a great opportunity to get ahead of your competitors while they stand still. Moreover, the cost of attracting a lead/order/conversion using SEO is the lowest compared to other channels. But there is one caveat. If you decide to order SEO promotion of a website to the Top at a time when your business is in a bad situation, then you will only spoil the nerves of yourself and the contractor. Website promotion is a long game. The effect accumulates only with systematic constant work in all directions: texts, technical equipment, links, conversion.

How quickly can you bring your site to the TOP?

Bringing a website to the TOP 1-3-5-10 takes on average from 3 to 7 months. The timing of website promotion in the TOP 10 is influenced by factors such as:

  • Current state of the site: a site that is not well designed requires more time for promotion.
  • Activity of competitors online: the higher the competition, the longer it takes to bring the site to the TOP.
  • The SEO budget you allocated for promotion: the larger it is, the sooner the site will get to the TOP.
What determines the cost of website promotion?

The cost of SEO promotion of a website to the Top is formed based on such parameters as:

  • level of competition in the niche;
  • popularity and number of selected queries;
  • scope of work on internal SEO optimization;
  • scope of work on external SEO optimization.
What does the cost of website promotion include?

When you order a website promotion service, you receive the results of the work of a whole team of specialists:

  • A personal account manager who controls and assigns tasks to the CEO and also interacts with the customer.
  • An SEO specialist who exercises general control over the SEO of the site’s promotion and all participants in the SEO process, writes technical specifications and prepares reports.
  • A link builder whose responsibilities include purchasing links and monitoring the external link mass.
  • SEO copywriter responsible for writing texts.
  • A web programmer who implements website improvements.
Why is iFish better than other digital agencies?

8 reasons to order SEO website promotion from iFish:

  1. For more than 12 years, we have been working with projects on almost any subject, using the most secure promotion technologies. Thanks to this, positions are maintained in a natural way without the risk of being penalized by search engines.
  2. A personal manager is assigned to your project.
  3. We provide you with a detailed work plan for website promotion for each month, as well as a report on the work done over the past period, which ensures transparency of cooperation.
  4. An individual strategic approach is applied to website promotion in order to convert targeted traffic.
  5. A comprehensive development program is developed for each business project.
  6. Particular attention is paid to details, while careless errors in the work are excluded.
  7. Our focus is on the quality of online sales, and not on the number of customers for promotion services.
  8. We value our reputation as a reliable company, therefore we are responsible for the results of our website promotion work.

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What is the minimum period of cooperation for website promotion do you recommend?

We recommend ordering website promotion services for a period of at least 3 months, since this is the minimum period for which you can get a visible result. Upon completion of the work by our specialists, you can stop cooperation, but in order to maintain the web resource, you will need to continue to gradually increase the natural link mass, look for additional entry points to the site and implement them in order to expand the structure and number of promoted requests.

How much does SEO website promotion cost?

The cost of SEO website promotion services is calculated individually for each project based on the specific tasks set by the client. The step-by-step calculation algorithm is as follows:

  1. obtaining initial data from the customer;
  2. analysis of the client’s website;
  3. studying competitors’ websites;
  4. cost calculation based on the data received.
What guarantees do you provide for website promotion?

Digital agency iFish guarantees each customer high-quality implementation of the entire list of SEO promotion work on time in accordance with the official contract:

  • general control of SEO promotion;
  • writing technical specifications;
  • purchasing links;
  • control of external reference mass;
  • writing and posting SEO-optimized text content on the website;
  • providing reports on the work done.

At the same time, we do not guarantee the achievement of positions for certain queries or certain traffic when promoting a site, since the results are influenced by secret and constantly updated search engine algorithms.

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