Prices for SMM services in Europe for 2024

How much does effective promotion on social networks cost? Prices for SMM services in Germany, Italy, Poland, France and other European countries for 2024. Current price list of the digital agency iFish.

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The cost of turnkey SMM promotion in Europe

SMM (Social Media Marketing) is a series of processes that are aimed at attracting new audiences, building an image and increasing sales of goods or services. And turnkey SMM is a project that includes an SMM strategy, a content plan, creating a business account and targeted advertising. To create such a strong tool for involving potential clients in your business, you only need to draw up a clear technical specification and entrust everything else to specialists. How much do SMM services cost? What budget to allocate for promotion so as not to go broke, but get real results? Let’s face it – everything is individual, no matter how banal it may sound. After all, the price depends on the tasks set, the characteristics of the business, the chosen methods of promotion and other factors. For example, it could be 40 euro, or it could be over 1000 euro. European SMM agencies most often offer three service packages to choose from:

  • Basic – from €500 .
  • Average – from €750 .
  • Advanced – from €1000 .

The cost is determined by the amount of work and the number of hours spent on creating an account, publishing posts and promoting.

What does the cost of SMM services consist of?

Development of an SMM strategy

This is the most important point in promotion. It requires a lot of time, effort and marketing skills, but without it, the likelihood of creating a successful advertising campaign is significantly reduced. Strategy development includes:
  • Analysis of key indicators: the current number of subscribers, audience engagement, its interaction with the page, the presence of bots, promotion analysis, statistics, analytics, etc.
  • Study of the target audience, their preferences and expectations.
  • Presentation of the client's service or product.
  • Drawing up a portrait of the target audience that needs to be attracted.
  • Analysis of competitors, market, business features, as well as research of traffic, working tools, content quality, etc.
  • Google Analytics: number of visits to the site, conversion, bounce rate, product popularity, etc.
  • Action plan for ensuring the security of pages on social networks.
  • Identification of promotion tools.
  • Content strategy: concept, visualization, recommendations.
Price: from €100
01 Stage

Account registration. Creating a corporate identity

To ensure recognition and differentiation from competitors, you need a thoughtfully designed account. Icons, avatar, profile header, general visual - all this should be harmonious, made in the same style. The cost will depend on the social network and the amount of work.
Price: from €80
02 Stage

Content preparation

This may include posts, product descriptions, video scripts, advertising texts, articles, etc. The price of the service will depend on the number of characters, subject matter and type of content: informational, selling, entertaining, viral or engaging.
Price: from 3.5€ for 1000 characters
03 Stage

Selection of style, creation and editing of visual content (photos, videos)

Depending on the site and content plan, you will more often use either video or photos, but you definitely cannot do without visual content. The cost is determined based on the scale of the idea, the type of shooting and the number of people involved.
Price: from €75
04 Stage

Regular maintenance of the page and communication with the audience

If you don’t have time to deal with social networks, you can entrust this matter to the specialists of an SMM agency. The cost will depend on the number of publications per month, audience activity and time spent on the task.
Price: from €70
05 Stage

Setting up targeted advertising

This is a key element in promoting your Instagram account. After all, with the help of targeting, the target audience will be able to learn about you and your product.
Price: from €350
06 Stage

Preparation of monthly report

with analytics, conclusions and recommendations
Price: For free
07 Stage



Website development for the presentation of the Rosendelle project in Germany

Website development for the presentation of the Rosendelle project in Germany


Website development for Eck Immomanagement in Germany

Website development for Eck Immomanagement in Germany



Website development for the Bowlers chain in Prague

Website development for the Bowlers chain in Prague

How much does promotion on Instagram cost?

Instagram has long established itself as an ideal platform for business. Now this is not just a platform for publishing photos – it is a full-fledged channel of communication with the audience. Every day, more and more people open their stores here and create business accounts to promote their company or personal brand. But to stand out, just beautiful photos and some text are not enough. Posts should be interesting, useful, evoke emotions, and involve users in communication. That’s why you shouldn’t chase the number of publications, but rather take care of the quality of the content, also paying special attention to stories.

Effective promotion of an Instagram account necessarily includes the following steps :

  1. Setting up your profile.
  2. Account design: pinned stories, description and avatar.
  3. Content plan and publication of posts.
  4. Hashtags.
  5. Corporate identity and ribbon design.
  6. Direct promotion and setting up advertising.
  7. Regular communication with page visitors.
  8. Conducting competitions, surveys and promotions.
  9. Monthly report.

Cost of services for maintaining and promoting Instagram

Service namePrice per month
Services of a marketer, targetologistfrom 100€
Creation of design for social media networksfrom 75€
One-time development of an advertising campaign strategyfrom 70€
Preparing a content planfrom 70€
Setting up advertising on Instagramfrom 140€
Maintaining an Instagram accountfrom 70€

How much does it cost to promote a Facebook page?

The second strong platform for promotion, which is equally suitable for promoting a personal brand and for a business, is Facebook. Among the 2 billion users of this social network, there is definitely your target audience. This platform also helps businesses go beyond the country’s borders and make themselves known to residents of other countries. So, if you are trying to improve your reputation, increase reach and interest in the product, “warm up” your audience and/or establish communication with consumers, then you cannot do without professional page management.

High-quality promotion of your Facebook account includes :

  • auditing an existing page or creating a new one;
  • analysis of the market, competitors and target audience;
  • registration and filling of the profile with information;
  • creating infographics and content branding;
  • spam moderation;
  • posting advertising in thematic communities;
  • creating an advertising account;
  • setting up Facebook advertising;
  • conducting regular surveys on the page;
  • organization of competitions and promotions;
  • publishing various content;
  • constant interaction with the audience;
  • monthly report.

Cost of account promotion services on Facebook

Name of servicePrice per month
Services of a marketer, targetologistfrom 150€
Creation of design for social media networksfrom 80€
One-time promotion strategy developmentfrom 80€
Preparing a content planfrom 200€
Maintaining a community on Facebookfrom 75€
Facebook Group Promotionfrom 90€
Creation and promotion of a page/group on Facebookfrom 110€

How much does it cost to promote a YouTube channel?

YouTube channels, which not so long ago were not taken seriously, in the modern world have become an effective tool in the fight for potential customers. Now this is not just a video hosting, but a full-fledged search engine, which, with proper optimization, can bring potential clients to you. Most users are already accustomed to absorbing information through video, so to scale your business it’s worth securing a similar channel of influence.

The price for promoting a channel on YouTube is determined by the following actions :

  1. Analysis of thematic queries.
  2. Studying competitors and the needs of the target audience.
  3. Identifying relevant keywords for SEO.
  4. Creation of a unique preview and recognizable channel style.
  5. Development of an SEO-optimized title and description.
  6. Publishing a video.
  7. Setting up screensavers, hints and subtitles.
  8. Formation of playlists.
  9. Setting up monitoring of video positions in search results.
  10. Interaction with the audience: comment moderation, communication, likes.
  11. Introduction of video advertising.
  12. Daily reporting.

Cost of services for promoting a channel or video on YouTube

Name of servicePrice
Channel development strategyfrom 240€
Basic channel optimizationfrom 190€
Optimization of the 1st videofrom 15€
One-time video publicationfrom 130€
Publishing 2 videos per monthfrom 330€
Publishing 4 videos per monthfrom 520€
Publishing 8 videos per monthfrom 800€



Website development for the KA88 residential complex in Germany

Website development for the KA88 residential complex in Germany


Website development for a law firm in the Czech Republic

Website development for a law firm in the Czech Republic


Website development for the law firm IMMIGRATION LAWYERS

Website development for the law firm IMMIGRATION LAWYERS

Price of SMM-copywriting

It is impossible to underestimate the role of text when it comes to establishing contact and maintaining communication with the audience. Text content for your target audience is an identifier, PR specialist, psychologist and marketer rolled into one. It can either skyrocket customer loyalty or turn them against you. Therefore, it is best to entrust this task to a specialist who is familiar with your field of activity and will be able to convey your message to users in a high-quality manner. After all, to get a return, you need to hook the audience, and for this you need to know what they want and speak to them in their own language. The cost of copywriting for social networks depends on the type, amount of content and experience of the artist.

Content can be :

  1. Selling . As concisely as possible, the specialist must convince the potential client that he cannot live without a specific product or service. This type of post is valued at 30-40% more expensive than others.
  2. Informational . Ideally, such publications should contain less advertising and more useful information. This is the best option for presenting a product or brand because it does not convince the user to make a purchase, but only introduces the benefits or features. Such content is valued at an average cost, namely about 3.5 €.
  3. Engaging . A provocation, a competition, a game, a prank – all this acts on the audience like a magnet, involving it in communication and stimulating it to certain actions. Such content can significantly increase reach and bring the page to the top. This post will cost from 4 € per thousand characters.
  4. Entertaining . Spice up your posts with interesting stories or humor, and your audience will no longer perceive you as a soulless machine. The cost of such posts is on average 3.5 €.
  5. Viral . Knowing how to use information feeds is an art. Such posts or videos spread across the network in a matter of hours, or even minutes, which means they will help show your page to as many people as possible. A viral post costs from 4.5 €.

Prices for SMM copywriting depending on the type of content

Text typePrice / 1000 characters
Sales/advertising postfrom 4.5€
Informational/entertainment postfrom 3.5€
Storytellingfrom 6€
SEO textsfrom 3.5€
Descriptionfrom 4€
Reviewsfrom 3.5€
Product reviewfrom 6.5€

Price for creating visual content for social networks

No matter how high-quality the text is, without visual accompaniment it will interest few people. People think in images, perceive pictures better, and remember visual information faster, so you should add unique photos and videos to your posts. Visual content, and corporate style in general, acts as a trigger and captures the attention of the audience. It helps the audience absorb information, increases their loyalty and motivates them to take a targeted action. Therefore, you should not save on creating this type of content.

The price for photos, videos and other visual content depends on :

  • performer’s experience;
  • complexity of the task;
  • availability and scale of photo and video processing;
  • type of visual content;
  • the number of people involved in filming and working on the video;
  • deadlines.

Cost of creating visual content

Type of visual contentProduction cost
Product layoutsfrom 350€
Subject photography with an assistantfrom 350€
Model shootingfrom 740€
Story and serial shootingfrom 890€
Animationfrom 920€
Video reviewsfrom 360€

Social media targeting prices

It’s not for nothing that Target is called the oil of the 21st century, because recently it has become the most powerful tool for promotion on social networks. Thanks to him, we learn about new companies every day, and they attract a huge flow of customers to their business. Today, the price for setting up targeted advertising starts from 80 €.

Factors that influence the cost of setting up a target :

  1. Advertising setting criteria.
  2. Specifics of the target audience.
  3. Level of competition in the industry.
  4. Conversion rate and other conditions.

The cost of setting up a target for 2024 in Europe

Estimated number of applicationsTermBudget per daySetup cost
from 3 per dayup to 5 working daysfrom 10€from 350€
from 6 per dayup to 7 working daysfrom 15€from 450€
from 10 per dayup to 15 working daysfrom 20€from 500€



Website development for Olean e-publisher in Spain

Website development for Olean e-publisher in Spain


Website development for the American transportation company Logistix101

Website development for the American transportation company Logistix101


Website development for Clemonds Marriage Agency

Website development for Clemonds Marriage Agency

How much does an SMM strategy cost?

An SMM strategy is a clear plan, a set of measures aimed at promoting a business on social networks. It helps you understand what and to whom you are selling, how to do it effectively, when and where to promote goods/services, what product properties should be developed. A well-developed strategy guarantees increased audience loyalty, an increase in the number of customers and company income.

The cost of developing an SMM strategy includes :

  1. Setting goals . For example, increasing brand awareness, improving the quality of service, increasing customer loyalty, scaling, reaching a new audience, increasing conversion, etc.
  2. Positioning . At this stage, the image of the company is formed, the main message of the target audience is developed, and the distinctive qualities of the business or personal brand are identified.
  3. Primary data collection . It consists of a thorough study of the market, surveying potential consumers and processing statistics.
  4. Competitor and market analysis . A study is conducted of prices in the industry, business characteristics, product quality and positioning of competitors.
  5. Analysis and segmentation of the target audience . At this stage, the pain points, needs and interests of potential customers are identified.
  6. Instructions for content filling and design . They consist of useful recommendations on design style, writing advertising texts and other types of content for social networks.

The price of creating an SMM strategy depends on the type of product or service, complexity and volume of work, the number of accounts on social networks and content format. The estimated cost of its development in Europe ranges from 100 € to 300 € .

How much does it cost to hire an SMM manager, targetologist and other specialists for SMM promotion?

Thanks to the variety of educational programs and courses, it has become easy to obtain almost any profession, including promotion on social networks. This seems to be good, but in the constant flow of newcomers it is now difficult to find a really good specialist. This factor also greatly affected the cost of services related to digital marketing. The difference in price for one direction can vary from 60 € to several thousand. To achieve your business goals and turn your social media pages into a sales tool, you should hire professionals. And they will charge more than 3 kopecks for their work. This must be taken into account when planning your budget and searching for specialists.

Average cost of work for SMM specialists

ProfessionService cost
Targetologistfrom 350€
SMM specialistfrom 550€
Photographer/hourfrom 60€
Videographer/hourfrom 25€
Designerfrom 50€

Average cost of SMM services

Name of servicePrice
Personal consultation on SMM50 €/hour
Comprehensive promotion in several social networks1000€
Maintaining and promoting on a social network600€
Community Analysis400€
Competitor analysis400€
Advertising account analysis400€
Photo processingfrom 2 € per piece
Video processing150€

Prices for the creation and design of social networks

A professionally designed corporate account on social networks is a guarantee of success. The visual component is the main factor in attracting customers, increasing audience loyalty and trust.

The design of a YouTube channel consists of :

  • channel headers;
  • avatar;
  • video templates;
  • descriptions of channels and videos.

A full range of these services will cost you about 80€ and more.

Setting up an Instagram account includes :

  • avatar;
  • covers for pinned stories;
  • branded icons of services or goods;
  • templates for designing posts;
  • design for promotions and competitions.

The full package will cost from 100€ .

Designing a Facebook business page or group involves :

  1. Design of animated or static headers and avatars (profile and cover photos).
  2. Creating an offer – a pinned post that informs about the company’s activities.
  3. Development of unique templates for posts.
  4. Individual design for sweepstakes, promotions and competitions.

All of the above services together will cost you from 65 € and above.



Website development for writer Denys Tsvaig

Website development for writer Denys Tsvaig


Website development for the presentation of the Rosendelle project in Germany

Website development for the presentation of the Rosendelle project in Germany


Website development for Eck Immomanagement in Germany

Website development for Eck Immomanagement in Germany

How much do SMM agency services cost (Germany, France, Italy, Poland)

Since SMM agencies in Europe promote their services mainly via the Internet and work with clients from different countries, their prices do not differ much. At the same time, there is a difference in the price of services in different regions. For example, in Germany it will be more expensive than in France, Poland or Spain.

Price range for services of SMM agencies in Europe

A countryCost of SMM services
Italyfrom 150€ to 1500€
Polandfrom 100€ to 800€
Germanyfrom 200€ to 1000€
Francefrom 150€ to 1000€

Cost of maintaining an account on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube

Maintaining pages on social networks requires time and certain knowledge. If you do not want to do everything yourself, seek help from specialists.

The range of services you can receive usually includes :

  • strategy Development;
  • drawing up a content plan and writing posts;
  • Preparation of photos and account registration;
  • publishing posts;
  • conducting promotions, sweepstakes, surveys, etc.;
  • advertising setup.

Promoting a channel on YouTube means collecting and analyzing queries on a topic, selecting relevant keywords, creating a unique preview image, a catchy title and description, screensavers, subtitles, placing videos, setting up video advertising. The cost of services depends on the site and scope of work. Running a channel on YouTube will cost an average of 9,000 UAH/month , and maintaining pages on Instagram and Facebook – from 10,000 UAH/month .

How much does an SMM consultation cost?

During the consultation, you will be able to get answers to common questions related to promoting business pages and personal accounts on social networks. For example, what features each site has and which one will suit your business best. Also, you can learn why an SMM strategy is needed, how to correctly analyze competitors, what content to create for social networks, how to set up advertising, what tasks to set for specialists, and much more. The average cost of an individual consultation in Europe is €50 per hour. At the IFISH digital agency, you can get answers to your questions online or during a personal meeting. For a detailed discussion of the promotion features, sign up for a paid one-hour consultation, and to clarify the nuances of the order and a free consultation, contact us by phone. You can also ask a question you are interested in right now in the chat on the website.

Question answer

What determines the cost of SMM services?

The cost of SMM services is formed taking into account certain factors, including developing a strategy, setting up advertising, publishing posts, writing text, tracking results and managing the entire process.

Approximate promotion costs :

  • Strategy – 10%.
  • Project management – 5%.
  • Design, graphics, videography, visual effects – 30%.
  • Advertising costs – 40%.
  • Copywriting – 10%.
  • Results tracking – 5%.

If you break this process down into parts, you will understand how much money and effort is spent at each stage. In most cases, high-quality promotion is impossible without a certain financial cushion, but you don’t need any extra expenses. Therefore, when drawing up a budget, focus on the characteristics of your business and the goals that need to be achieved.

How much should you spend on advertising?

The first step in creating a social media advertising budget is to determine how much you plan to spend on all your marketing efforts. Then you need to decide what percentage of this budget will be allocated to SMM. Most companies spend between 5% and 15% of annual revenue on marketing. Approximately 35-45% of your total marketing budget should be allocated to online promotion. And 15-25% of this amount is usually spent on SMM. Your overall goals for conquering the Internet should play a key role in determining how much money will be allocated to social media spending. So it’s important not to blow your entire budget on content marketing, SEO, paid search advertising, display advertising and other high-priority digital marketing activities – leave some for social media.

Is it possible to reduce advertising costs?

Although creative social media advertising requires more time, energy and money, many companies find that the effort pays off in the long run. Typically, creative, engaging posts and ads engage audiences better and are more likely to get a response. Audience sympathy is primarily measured by likes and reposts. Avoid constant sales with the words “Buy, buy, buy.” Ask yourself, would you like it if it was in your own newsfeed? Create better creative advertising content, because this is a win-win option for absolutely all areas. Moreover, it will help attract more customers at a lower cost per click.

What is better to choose for advertising: video or static image?

There are several ways to advertise on social networks. Most companies are familiar with promoting through static image ads, but the segment of advertisers using video advertising is growing rapidly. Video content is usually more difficult and more expensive to produce than regular photography, but it will also attract more attention, which is what you need to achieve when launching advertising. The great thing about video is that a piece of video content can often be shared across multiple platforms and typically has a longer “shelf life” than images. You can even split video content into clips of different lengths for use in different qualities. Many social platforms like Facebook definitely favor video content.

How to track promotion effectiveness?

To see the real picture and evaluate how effectively you are promoting your account, you need to conduct analytics. Each business approaches this issue differently. Many companies measure success by the number of products sold, leads generated, or subscriber growth. But these indicators are not enough for a complete picture; a more in-depth analysis is needed.

What indicators are worth tracking :

  • number of subscribers;
  • unsubscribe percentage;
  • audience growth rate;
  • coverage of publications;
  • number of views;
  • audience involvement;
  • sales through social networks;
  • negative comments and reviews;
  • user-generated content;
  • number of leads, etc.

To achieve good results, you need to post interesting and useful content, respond to user comments, especially negative ones, and do not forget about posting regularly.

What specialists are needed to promote an account on social networks?

To achieve your goals when promoting business pages on social networks, you should not dump all the tasks on one person. SMM is not as simple a process as it might seem at first glance, and it involves much more actions than publishing short, similar posts describing goods or services and running advertising. For effective promotion, it is important to develop a strategy, draw up a content plan with publication topics, prepare fascinating stories (can be from life or work moments), create unique high-quality photo and video content, analyze the market and competitors, draw up a portrait of the target audience, and involve users in communication , work with comments and reviews, and also do not forget about analytics and evaluation of results. All these actions are difficult for one person to perform, so an SMM specialist, copywriter, marketer/targetologist, photographer or designer are hired to do the work. To avoid looking for each specialist individually and negotiating a price with them, contact the IFISH digital agency, which has a team of experienced and creative people who are ready to take your business to the next level. For advice and clarification of details, contact us by phone or chat on the website.


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