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Website development for electronic publishing house Olean in Spain


Create a website for a publishing house with a catalog of e-books for sale.


  • To present a Ukrainian publishing house of e-books in Spain.
  • Create a catalog of books broken down by category.
  • Connect your personal account and shopping cart to the site.
  • Show the publisher’s willingness to cooperate with new authors.


Convenient website with a catalog of books

We created a website with a simple structure and clear navigation. All information about the publisher, terms of cooperation with authors and books is divided into sections and blocks, which makes it easier for users to search.

The laconic design corresponds to the specifics of the activity and does not distract attention from the main thing.





Book review and ordering

We created categories of books by topic and purpose, and added icons for visualization. For each publication, we created a separate page with a description, price and the ability to add the product to the cart, where you can place an order. To quickly search for a book, a search field has also been added.


The main page allows you to familiarize yourself with the main categories of books, subscribe to the newsletter and go to the company’s pages on social networks. We also created sections «Books», «About Us», «For Authors», «Blog», «Vacancies» and «Contacts» for the presentation of the publishing house and terms of cooperation. The site has the ability to register to see your purchase history, and a concise form for placing an order in the cart.



Convenient selection of books

You can view the book catalog, study information about the publisher and place an order from any device with Internet access.


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