The price of setting up online advertising on a turnkey basis

Interested in how much advertising costs and how not to make a mistake when choosing an advertising campaign? Read about the price of different types of advertising in 2024: contextual, banner, product, etc. Check out the current price list and cost calculation methods.

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Turnkey advertising: price review

Presentation of a product and its entry into the market is impossible without competent advertising. What do you pay attention to when choosing advertising? First of all, its type and cost are important, because the costs must be justified in a short time. The price of turnkey advertising depends on the type of advertising channel, payment method, topic and level of competition, region of display, etc. The price of budget high-quality advertising starts from 250 € per month. The minimum cost implies restrictions on the number of keywords and text ads. For €1500 you get much more features, which has a positive effect on the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. For example, an expensive tariff includes the creation and publication of video materials, retargeting on social networks and no restrictions in the selection of an SEO core. The price may be higher – for this you get additional buns. But when choosing an advertising budget, it is important to consider whether such spending is profitable for your business. For example, for a small online store advertising for 250-300 € will be enough, but for a large company with large turnover it is better to stick to tariffs starting from 1000 € . iFish specialists will help you choose the optimal advertising rate for your business, which will pay for itself within a month.

Setting up advertising: stages of work

Definition CA

At the initial stage, it is necessary to study the user segments to which advertising will be targeted. Specialists collect data about your audience, divide it into segments and form consumer portraits. This information will become the starting point for further preparation and setup of the advertising campaign.
An analysis of competitors and their strategic decisions is also carried out.

During analytics, you can obtain the following data:
• number and list of keywords;
• texts of advertisements;
• quality and frequency of semantics;
• volume of keys for different regions.

It is also important to determine your competitors’ budget: average cost per click, click-through rate, click forecasts and average cost of conversions.
Price: 200€
01 Stage

Development of a promotion strategy

After creating a portrait of the target audience, you need to set goals and select tools.

The main one is to determine the main objective of the ad:
• increasing sales;
• increase in coverage;
• increase in recognition;
• attracting clients, etc.

After this, optimal platforms for publications are selected and advertisements are created for different user groups.
Price: 150€
02 Stage

Launch of an advertising campaign

At the final stage, specialists publish ads on selected sites, adjust impression characteristics, filter out non-targeted publications, and connect systems of performance targets. If necessary, adjustments are made during the advertising campaign to improve efficiency.

The price depends on the number of advertisements placed and their format. The cost is influenced by the topic and the selected promotion scheme. For example, a budget option will cost 150 €, and a plan with a large number of ads and video materials will cost from 300 €.
Price: from 150€/month
03 Stage

Models for paying for traffic in advertising: which one is right for you?

Advertisers and advertising platforms for publishing ads offer 3 models for paying for traffic:

  • for actions or applications (CPA or CPL) – from 5 euros/application;
  • per impression (CPM) – from 4 euros/1000 impressions;
  • per click (CPC) – from 0.20 euros/click.

Each payment plan has benefits for certain types of businesses. The choice of one format or another depends on the marketing strategy that the company is implementing. Choose tools based on your personal goals and objectives. Combine different traffic sources and test new hypotheses, because an integrated and original approach to an advertising campaign is the main guarantee of its success.

Cost per click (CPC) format

With the CPC format, every time a user clicks on an advertisement, you will be charged money. The scheme is highly popular due to transparency for the advertiser and the site owner – each party is interested in the effectiveness of the campaign. The main disadvantage of the CPC model is the often high cost per click. During auctions, the rate per click reaches 10 €, and in some niches this value exceeds 70 €.

CPC is suitable for:

  • new advertising;
  • ads with low attractiveness;
  • publications on advertising resources;
  • advertisements on the search network;
  • remarketing (in rare cases).

Advantages of CPC:

  • high reliability;
  • simple traffic calculation;
  • payment only for the transition.

iFish specialists will calculate the click budget for your business and select the payment format.

Cost per impression (CPM) format

The CPM format involves withdrawing funds for each user viewing an ad. This does not take into account the possibility that the user did not notice your publication. Mostly they buy packages of 1000 impressions – their cost starts from 4 euros. Depending on the competition and topic, the price increases. There is also a second price auction, in which the advertiser pays the price specified by the closest competitor, with a minimum advertising platform increment. In this case, the price for impressions may exceed 50€.

CPM is suitable for:

  • publications in thematic and specialized blogs;
  • social network groups with high activity;
  • promotion of free services and goods;
  • remarketing;
  • image advertising.

Advantages of CPM:

  • if you win, the ad occupies the entire ad block;
  • high CTRs allow you to save money without changing clicks;
  • serves as the basis for bids at auctions.

CPM advertising does not guarantee an increase in traffic and applications, but it directly affects brand awareness.

Pay per target action and lead: CPA or CPL

CPL is a payment model for each lead generated by traffic. This could be a person who left personal contact information (for example, telephone or email). Funds are usually withdrawn only after the potential client has entered the information specified in the offer. CPA is a payment model for an action that has been pre-designated by the advertiser. It can be:

  • personal data left;
  • registration on the service;
  • watching videos;
  • file upload;
  • subscription to a service, etc.

Pay-per-target pays 10 to 100 times more than the standard CPL model. The cost of CPA payment models ranges from 10 to 200 €. Depending on the topic and competition, advertising revenue can reach several thousand euros.

Which advertising payment model is better?

Each payment model should be selected individually depending on the budget and business goals. Eg:

  • To increase awareness, the CPM format is suitable – you can predict the advertising campaign and receive the maximum number of impressions for the available budget;
  • to attract traffic to the site, use the CPC format – thanks to this you will get the maximum number of clicks at the minimum price;
  • for product promotion (online stores, sales of mono-products, etc.), CPA and CPL are suitable – formats will ensure optimization of cash spending and a maximum of applications at a minimum cost.

To use CPA, you need at least 15 conversions within a given advertising campaign, so it cannot be used at the initial stage. CPC is used in search and the Display Network, while CPM temporarily works only in Display Network. At the auction, both types of advertisements are reduced to the same denominator and compete with each other. The basis is the fee for 1000 impressions.

The formula for calculating the fee for CPC is as follows:

cost per click * 1000 * CTR / 100

For example, we have a CPM ad with a cost of 0.17 € per 1000 impressions and a CPC ad with a cost of 0.10 € per click. Their click-through rate is identical and amounts to 0.14%. To determine a competing price, CPC needs 0.10*1000*0.14/100. As a result, we will receive 0.14€ per 1000 impressions. When choosing a payment format, focus on the most profitable option for your business. Contacting a marketer will not only save you money, but also guarantee the implementation of your main goals.

Examples of work


Website development for the presentation of the Rosendelle project in Germany

Website development for the presentation of the Rosendelle project in Germany


Website development for Eck Immomanagement in Germany

Website development for Eck Immomanagement in Germany



Website development for the Bowlers chain in Prague

Website development for the Bowlers chain in Prague

Prices for setting up advertising depending on its type

Depending on the place where advertisements are published, their cost is determined. Social media promotion or SMM includes advertising on Facebook and Instagram. PPC advertising consists of promotion in YouTube, Google Ads and Shopping, contextual and banner advertising in Google and Yandex. The duration of treatment is discussed individually and usually ranges from 3 months. By choosing integrated advertising (for example, Instagram+Facebook, Instagram+Google, etc.) you can save money. For example, the minimum rate for promotion in two social networks is 500 €.

Price for advertising on Instagram

Advertising on Instagram is the best tool for promoting budget products, increasing the popularity of companies, courses, trainings, and selling women’s products. Used to increase demand for products that are not popular in search engines. The price of advertising directly depends on the number of impressions and is about 1 € per 1000 impressions of your target audience. The average cost ranges from 500-2000 € depending on the number of creatives, advertising campaigns and the chosen strategy.

400€400 thousandup to 40 thousandfrom 10
600€600 thousandup to 60 thousandfrom 15
800€800 thousandup to 80 thousandfrom 20
1000€1 millionup to 100 thousandfrom 25

A budget of 600-800 € is optimal for advertising for 10-25 days. It can be extended for more than 30 days, but such a decision may reduce its effectiveness. The lead time for campaign placement is 3-15 business days, depending on the complexity of the work.

The advertising process consists of several stages:

  • target audience analysis;
  • writing selling texts;
  • creating post designs;
  • developing a strategy to complete tasks;
  • setting up an advertising campaign.

After a few days, the effectiveness can be analyzed by the number of views, interactions (likes, comments, reposts) and applications. If the indicators are insufficient, we make changes and re-launch the advertising campaign.

Facebook advertising price

Facebook advertising is suitable for ads that are not popular in search engines or in tandem with contextual advertising.

The campaign price consists of two types of costs:

  • one-time payment for setting up an advertising campaign (from 500 €);
  • Facebook payment for ad impressions (from 300 €).

The total cost depends on the company’s budget, and the cost per result depends on the strategy you choose. You can choose automatic budget allocation. In this case, the allocated budget is evenly divided over the entire period of the advertising campaign.

PriceNumber of impressions
400€up to 400 thousand
600€up to 600 thousand
800€up to 800 thousand
1000€up to 1 million

Setup times vary from 10 to 20 days depending on the selected type of advertising. The campaign is launched using Facebook Ads Manager – a professional tool for setting targets, attracting audiences, creating ads or ad groups, selecting advertising tasks, monitoring results and creating reports.

Facebook advertising is divided into 3 types depending on the desired results:

  1. Auction . Necessary to reach your target audience at a minimum or set cost.
  2. Coverage and frequency . Allows you to reach your target audience at a fixed price, but the audience coverage must be at least 200 thousand.
  3. Target rating . Required to create video ads on Facebook with verified target rankings.

This type of advertising is more budget-friendly than contextual promotion in search engines. It allows you to combine several formats in an ad (photo, video, text, links, etc.), and fine-tune the search results. Competition on Facebook is much lower.

Price for video advertising on YouTube

Advertising on YouTube is display ads on the main video hosting site in the world. Advertisements are placed before the video or directly inside the video. The price depends on the number of views and competition. The approximate price is presented in the table below.

Tariff nameCustomization priceNumber of viewsPrice
Startingfrom 400€100 thousand200€
Businessfrom 700€1 million2000€
Maximumfrom 1400€3 million4000€

Having your own video production allows you to quickly create and publish advertising content on YouTube. With low competition, the price for watching a video by one person ranges from 0.01 euros and, in proportion to the increase in competition, reaches up to 0.15 euros. When calculating the price, views at the time of display, advertising region, target audience and traffic on YouTube are taken into account.

Price of contextual advertising in Google Adwords

The cost of advertising in Google Ads consists of the cost of setting up and running an advertising campaign, as well as the cost of transitions to the site. The main factor influencing the price is competition in the subject matter. The average price in Europe is:

  • from 0.10€/click with low competition;
  • from 0.28€/click with average competition;
  • from 0.52 €/click with moderate competition;
  • about 1.50€/click with high competition.

If your budget is limited, you shouldn’t try to conquer the whole world. It is necessary to target the advertising campaign to the highest priority direction and geolocation.

Advertising in Google Adwords: what is included in the price

Getting to know the basic data The specialist requests information about the product or service, USP, starting conversion level, the most successful offers, periods of audience activity. Getting to know the target audience and its parameters – gender, age, region, language, financial situation, etc.

Defining a strategy Advertising strategy and goals are established at the initial stage depending on the client’s needs: increasing sales, increasing coverage, increasing recognition, etc.

Separation of advertising campaigns For Display Network and Search Advertising, different advertising campaigns are used: from keywords to ads. The approach improves results and shows greater efficiency.

Setting up geolocation If geotargeting is important, bet multipliers are set up for the desired region. This stage is relevant only for organizations linked to a country/city.

Launching extensions On the Google Business service, you must specify additional links and extensions, and enter contact information.

Setting up language targeting For search, you need to set the language to local + English, for Display Network – only local, for remarketing – all languages.

Setting the display time The bid multipliers indicate the optimal time range – the period of activity of the target audience. In most cases, using the range from 2 am to 6 am is unprofitable.

Launching restrictions for Display Network For remarketing and Display Display, restrictions of up to 5 impressions per person are recommended. Non-target sites (sites with games, educational materials, etc.) are disabled.

Launching and setting up analytics Google Analytics is installed on all advertising pages, linked to Google Ads. Analytics systems are customized for e-commerce goals and tracking.

Cost of banner advertising on the Google Display Network

Display banner advertising is optimal for promoting consumer products, courses and master classes, entertainment venues and events. It is presented in the form of animation, graphic banners or video layouts. The Google Display Network is suitable for increasing brand loyalty, improving brand awareness and quickly informing a wide audience. In most cases, display advertising is used as a complement to search engine promotion. The price of media advertising ranges from 1 to 3 euros per 10,000 impressions and depends on a number of factors:

  • number of advertising campaigns;
  • target audience of the business;
  • region and language;
  • competition at the time the ad is shown.

The approximate price is listed below.

One-time setup pricefrom 400€from 700€from 1500€
Number of advertising campaignsup to 2up to 5to 10
Setup timesup to 7to 10up to 15
Support pricefrom 200€from 300€from 400€

The recommended minimum number of advertising campaigns for high efficiency is from two with a minimum budget of 300 €.

Google Shopping Product Advertising Price

We configure the Merchant Center for high advertising efficiency. The cost of setting up a Google Shopping ad depends on its type:

  1. Simple . Aimed at a product category, costs from 50€.
  2. Complex . Necessary for promoting specific products. The cost is at least 100€.

The significant difference in cost is due to the large volume of work. It is important to choose the right promotion strategy. For example, if you have product groups worth 100€ and 500€, you need to create different advertising campaigns for them.

RatePrice/dayNumber of clicks/dayNumber of sales/day
Mfrom 50€250up to 15
Lfrom 100€500up to 30
XLfrom 300€1500up to 100

The calculation is based on average conversions of 1% and a standard cost per click of 0.2€. You can find out the exact price from our manager.

Benefits of using Google Shopping include:

  • all positions appear in search results, regardless of their number – be it 100 or 10,000 units;
  • the ad reaches an interested audience, which increases the chances of targeted action;
  • advertising is placed in a prominent place – at the top or on the right side of the page;
  • Wide range of settings and a large number of statistical reports.

Shopping ads generate higher conversions than text ads. You have the opportunity to update advertised products at any time (subject to availability). Google Shopping is the best choice for online stores and trading platforms.

Examples of work


Website development for the KA88 residential complex in Germany

Website development for the KA88 residential complex in Germany


Website development for a law firm in the Czech Republic

Website development for a law firm in the Czech Republic


Website development for the law firm IMMIGRATION LAWYERS

Website development for the law firm IMMIGRATION LAWYERS

Blogger advertising payment schemes

Recently, the popularity of advertising among bloggers has increased significantly. Experts say that it will soon become the most effective method of promoting goods and services. Newbies’ attempts to understand pricing usually end in vain. One blogger offers an exorbitant price, the second has advertising that is 5 times cheaper, and the third is ready for barter cooperation. How to explain such dissonance? The advertising price for each blogger is individual and depends not only on the number of subscribers.

One key factor is engagement rate (ER). It is calculated using the formula:

ER = (reactions/subscribers)*100%

The normal rate of engagement for a blog with 500 subscribers is 15%, for 5000 – about 7%, for a millionaire – up to 3%. Also, the price of advertising is influenced by statistics, proportionality of advertising costs and other factors. Prices for SMM marketing range from 100 to several million euros.

Opinion leaders on social networks are divided into 2 types:

  1. Micro-influencers . The category includes bloggers from 1000 to 100,000 subscribers. Representatives of small and medium-sized businesses prefer to cooperate with micro-influencers.
  2. Macro influencers . This category includes million-dollar blogs: movie stars, pop stars, sports stars, the Internet, etc. The cost of bloggers with 100 thousand subscribers or more is much higher, so they work mainly with large businesses.

There is no base price tag for blogger advertising, but we will look at the average rates for different social networks.

Price for advertising for bloggers on Instagram

The average cost of an advertising post on Instagram can be calculated by the number of subscribers. For example, blogger Anastasia Ivleeva has about 20 million subscribers. The cost of advertising on her blog is at least 20 thousand euros. But if you turn, for example, to Yuri Dyudya with an audience of 5 million, you will be surprised – he will demand no less than 20 thousand euros. If he agrees to native advertising on his blog. The formation of advertising prices is influenced not only by the number of subscribers a blogger has, but also by the quality of the audience. Even if a blogger is a millionaire, but mostly teenagers follow him, he will not be able to increase the price tag to the level of a blog with several hundred paying viewers. However, the average price tag for advertising on an Instagram blog with 10,000 to 100,000 followers is 100€.

Cost of advertising for bloggers on Facebook

According to statistics, about 14% of comments and likes on Facebook are generated by bots. This leads to poor ROI for an advertising campaign, so blogs for advertising must be chosen carefully.

The average cost of advertising on Facebook is best calculated using the formula:

(Reach/3)/74 = cost of advertising in euros.

Keep in mind that reach is not the number of subscribers, but the number of views on posts.

Cost of advertising for bloggers on YouTube

Video advertising on YouTube is considered one of the most expensive. It requires the involvement of several specialists and significant effort. A high-quality video on YouTube is more reminiscent of a professional show, the price of which should be appropriate. For YouTube, the number of views is more important than the number of subscribers. Let’s look at prices using real examples:

  • advertising mention on an auto-themed channel (audience up to 4 million) – 630 €;
  • product or service review – 800€;
  • advertising in a culinary video blog (number of subscribers up to 3 million) – 400 €.

The average cost of advertising (including a link to the advertised content) on a YouTube blog with an audience of up to 1 million subscribers is 650 €. Please note that the platform has advertising retention obligations. For example, you can stipulate that advertisements will remain on your blog for a year – the advertisement will be shown every time you view it.

How much does it cost to set up an advertising campaign?

Setting up an advertising campaign involves performing a set of works. At the initial stage, an analysis of the business and competitors, setting goals and objectives of the advertising campaign are carried out.

Among the main tasks of setting up advertising:

  • formation and coordination of basic keywords;
  • parsing using Google databases;
  • cleaning of the strategic language and its coordination;
  • creating a list of USPs;
  • creating advertisements;
  • setting up your personal account and bidder;
  • export and moderation;
  • setting up analytical systems;
  • advertising campaign analysis.

Additionally, upon personal request, display media is connected, video and audio advertising is launched, and outdoor advertising is generated. The cost of setting up advertising depends on the scope of work, region and business topic. The minimum cost for setting up an ad starts from 250€.

Advertising campaign support: price and why it is important

A one-time advertising setup is not enough to be effective for the entire promotion period. An advertising campaign requires constant analysis and adjustments to improve results. The table shows the minimum amount of maintenance work in different periods.

Daily workWeekly workMonthly works
Performance monitoring
(broken links, 404)
Creating a plan to improve your advertising campaignCreating a media plan with possible budget changes
Cost controlWeekly reportAnalysis of results
Checking the “low impressions” statusAnalysis of advertising campaign resultsChecking the relevance of promotions and special offers
Setting bets in the bidderAdvertising campaign adjustmentsChecking demand for client services/products
Performance AnalysisMonthly report
Adding recommendations from ad networksCreate an advertising improvement plan

Constant advertising support is necessary to monitor performance and make changes to achieve your goals. It helps you manage your results: receive targeted traffic and increase the number of applications without increasing your advertising budget. The price depends on the type of business, the number of advertising campaigns and their parameters. The minimum cost of support is 200€. It increases proportionally with increasing complexity and volume of work.

Examples of work


Website development for Olean e-publisher in Spain

Website development for Olean e-publisher in Spain


Website development for the American transportation company Logistix101

Website development for the American transportation company Logistix101


Website development for Clemonds Marriage Agency

Website development for Clemonds Marriage Agency

How much does an advertising campaign audit cost: find out how to improve advertising

An audit of an advertising campaign is necessary to identify the weaknesses and strengths of advertising, find opportunities to improve it or reduce the budget. Audit information will allow you to increase the number of orders by 3 times and reduce the cost by up to 30%. You will also receive recommendations for further growth.

You should order an audit if:

  1. You think that contextual advertising is not effective for your business.
  2. You are not satisfied with the results of the advertising campaign.
  3. You did the setup yourself and you are not sure of its effectiveness.
  4. The advertising campaign budget is too large and you want to reduce it.
  5. You don’t know the cost of attracting 1 client from advertising or want to reduce it.
  6. You don’t know which keys produce results and which ones waste your budget.

After the audit, you will receive a detailed list of recommendations with arguments and consequences, a well-developed advertising structure, a detailed improvement strategy and other means to increase efficiency.
The price of an advertising campaign audit depends on the size of the account, the number of languages and countries of targeting. Prices start from 270€. It is possible to provide a detailed video analysis or conduct a personal consultation. In this case, the price is discussed individually. 76% of advertising campaigns do not bring conversions. You deserve better – iFish experts will make advertising a profitable investment.

Examples of work


Website development for writer Denys Tsvaig

Website development for writer Denys Tsvaig


Website development for the presentation of the Rosendelle project in Germany

Website development for the presentation of the Rosendelle project in Germany


Website development for Eck Immomanagement in Germany

Website development for Eck Immomanagement in Germany

How much does it cost to set up remarketing and retargeting?

Remarketing is a type of advertising that is shown only to users who have previously visited your site. It allows you to attract the attention of the current audience to the product and improve interaction with potentially interested users.

There are several types of remarketing:

  • on the Google Display Network – demonstrations for those who have previously visited a commercial resource;
  • in social networks – advertising using teasers and banners in the feed;
  • in search results – interception from competitors when searching for a product or service;
  • for videos – displaying content based on videos watched;
  • dynamic retargeting – displaying products reviewed or added to cart;
  • behavioral retargeting – showing products that are potentially interesting to the user.

There is also a level remarketing service that allows you to collect more data about the client and further increase sales by 7-30%. The price of remarketing is affected by its type, competition in the niche and the income level of your target audience.

The traffic price (per click) for different types of remarketing is:

  • from 0.06€ to 0.1€ for Google Display Network;
  • from 0.0024€ for YouTube video remarketing;
  • for search engines depending on the cost of transition for a specific niche.

The cost of setting up and running remarketing is from 300 € per month. It is possible to order the service in combination with other advertising offers.

Examples of work



Website development for the Bowlers chain in Prague

Website development for the Bowlers chain in Prague


Website development for the KA88 residential complex in Germany

Website development for the KA88 residential complex in Germany


Website development for a law firm in the Czech Republic

Website development for a law firm in the Czech Republic

Cost of targeted advertising on social networks in Europe

Targeted advertising is a type of promotion on social networks in which an ad is shown only to the target audience according to specified parameters. You can configure the display of advertising to people of a certain gender, age, marital status, location and hobbies. This allows you to launch an advertising message to your target audience with a high chance of getting the desired results.

Let’s look at the price of targeted advertising for different social networks in the table.

Social networkPrice
Instagramfrom 250€
Facebookfrom 340€
YouTubefrom 220€
TikTokfrom 300€

On average, the cost of setting up and running targeted advertising is 300-550 €.

Examples of work


Website development for the law firm IMMIGRATION LAWYERS

Website development for the law firm IMMIGRATION LAWYERS


Website development for Olean e-publisher in Spain

Website development for Olean e-publisher in Spain


Website development for the American transportation company Logistix101

Website development for the American transportation company Logistix101

Cost of contextual advertising in Europe

Contextual advertising is a type of advertising in which ads are shown to audiences based on their search queries or interests. After launching contextual advertising, the number of conversions increases to 40%. The contextual advertising service includes several items:

  1. Collection of the semantic core. Masks and semantics are collected, and inappropriate requests are deleted.
  2. Creation of advertisements. Advertisements and extensions are prepared, texts and headlines are written, and pictures are collected. All data is agreed with the client.
  3. Setting up advertising campaigns. Google download files are generated, advertising campaigns are uploaded to your personal account. All types of promotions and advertising account are configured.
  4. Setting up analytics systems and tracking conversions. Connecting and setting up Google Analytics. The goals of the advertising campaign are set and a site usability audit is conducted.
  5. Conducting advertising campaigns. Conducted A/B testing, optimization of strategy and ads as needed. Traffic cleaning, bid control and semantic expansion are carried out. The client is provided with regular reports.

The price of contextual advertising depends on the chosen tariff and the scope of work.

Easyfrom 450€
Averagefrom 750€
Professionalfrom 1500€

Cost of an advertising specialist

Several specialists are involved in the creation of an advertising campaign – a targetologist, an advertiser, an analyst, etc. The table shows the average cost of work for each specialist in Europe.

Targetologistfrom 60€/project
SMM specialistfrom 8€/hour
Advertiserfrom 11€/hour
SEO specialistfrom 12€/hour
UX specialistfrom 10€/hour
Internet marketerfrom 80€/project
Analystfrom 15€/hour
PPC managerfrom 100€/project

The exact cost depends on the complexity of the project and the scope of work. Contact the contact number or write in the feedback form – we will calculate the personal price of your advertising campaign.

Cost of consultation on online advertising

Advertising consultation will help you identify mistakes in promotion, increase its effectiveness and properly manage your advertising campaign. We conduct online consultations in video format. We do a detailed analysis and answer all your questions. Consultation is necessary in several cases:

  • if you want to set up advertising yourself;
  • if you plan to conduct an advertising campaign yourself;
  • if you want to understand what advertising to choose for your business;
  • if you want to understand why agency services are needed.

To order a consultation you will spend from 50 €/hour. The price depends on the type and direction of consultation.

What determines the cost of advertising on the Internet: what do you pay for?

The price of advertising is variable – there is no universal cost for all types of advertising campaigns. The price depends on several factors:

  • size of the site being promoted – for a landing page the cost will be lower than for a catalog with thousands of items;
  • competition in a niche – the higher the competition, the more expensive the promotion;
  • subject matter – sites in popular themes are promoted easier and faster than little-known areas;
  • type of advertising – depending on the type of advertising campaign and the chosen platform, the price of the service is determined.

The cost increases if there is an urgent need to set up an advertising campaign. Also, the price depends on the type of services chosen: only setting up/running an advertising campaign or a comprehensive tariff.

Keep in mind that a range of services allows you to save money and get better results.

How to evaluate advertising effectiveness

To evaluate the effectiveness of advertising, you can use analytical web tools. One of the most popular is Google Analytics.

Online tools allow you to track user movements on the site and view basic data:

  • CR (conversion rate);
  • the value of the conversion, the income received from it and progress towards the goal;
  • number of conversions and targeted visitors;
  • behavioral parameters – viewing depth, bounces, time on the site.

It is better to evaluate the results 4-6 days after the launch of advertising. It is optimal to combine and compare data from Ads Manager and the selected analytics tool. The advanced report will allow you to calculate the cost of conversion, ROMI and other important parameters. iFish included in the cost of advertising placement its further analytics and adjustments in case of insufficient effectiveness. Contacting specialists is the key to the success of an advertising campaign. We guarantee the selection of the optimal strategy for your budget and achievement of established goals.

To order setting up and running advertising or to get advice, call the contact number.

Question answer

What is PPC advertising?

PPC (pay per click) is an advertising campaign model in which the advertiser pays for clicks on an ad. In online advertising, PPC advertising refers to CPA networks.

How much does pay-per-click advertising cost?

The minimum advertising price per click is 0.2€. Payment in the CPA model averages from 10 to 200 €.

How is advertising cost calculated?

To calculate the cost of an advertising campaign, you need to take the average number of impressions received by the publication and divide by 1000. Then multiply the value by the cost of the impression (on average this is 0.02€). The advertising budget depends on the revenue of the previous period – for example, for consumer products it is up to 30% of sales.

How to determine cost per click?

Calculating the cost per click is done by dividing the total advertising price by the number of clicks. You can find out the cost of a click using the formula: CPC = CPM/(1000*CTR), where CPC is the cost of a click; CPM – cost per impression; CTR is the ratio of clicks to impressions.

How much does advertising cost for a blogger with 1 million subscribers?

The price of an advertising post for a millionaire blogger starts from 1000 €. The average cost of advertising in stories is from 250 €. At a reduced cost, you can advertise your product in bloggers’ Giveaways.

Where is the most effective advertising on the Internet?

Advertising on different platforms is highly effective. You need to select a place to publish your ad based on the characteristics of your business. The following are optimal for promoting goods and services:

  • Google Shopping;
  • advertising on Instagram/Facebook.

If you have a high-quality advertising video, advertising on YouTube is suitable.

How to estimate the cost of advertising for bloggers?

The price of advertising on a social media blog is calculated using the following formula: (Reach/3)*0.013, where reach is the number of views, not the number of subscribers. The cost is affected not only by the quantity, but also by the quality of followers. Before launching advertising with a blogger, we recommend analyzing the price from different sources: on the exchange, in the agency and directly from the blog owner.

How much does it cost to advertise a website on Google?

The standard cost per click in Google Ads is from 1 to 2 euros. For promotion on the Google Display Network, it starts from 0.5 euros. The price of turnkey advertising on Google starts from 340 €.

How to order contextual advertising setup?

To order contextual advertising, please call the contact number. Setting up a contextual advertising campaign includes integration with the Google Analytics end-to-end analytics system and connection to an automated bid management application.

How to order targeted advertising setup?

To order targeted advertising, please call the contact number or write in the feedback form. Our targetologist creates several advertisements at once, different in format, and compares their effectiveness. Thanks to the differences in advertising, it is possible to choose a tariff with minimal expenses and a maximum number of impressions. The average price of targeted advertising is from 120 €.


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