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Website development for the residential complex «KA88» in Germany


Create a bright website for the presentation of apartments, apartments and offices in a complex located in a green area outside the city.


  • Stylishly present a complex in which apartments and offices are sold.
  • Make a presentation of each property with layout, description and price.
  • Develop a simple and understandable website structure without unnecessary sections.
  • Place high-quality photos to advertise your home and prepare a design that will be associated with warmth, comfort and family well-being.


«Sunny» website for the presentation of housing and office premises

We developed a website with a simple menu for convenient and quick transition to the desired section, call-to-action buttons, a feedback form and a map of the area.

Yellow was chosen as the accent color because it reflects cheerfulness, activity, trust and happiness.




Focus on real estate

On the main page they placed a photo and basic information about the house, and also added three blocks, each of which presents a specific direction – apartments, apartments and offices. All sections of the site are available in the menu. We provided links to the social networks of the developer company and buttons to access the pages where the facility layouts are posted.

Presentation of apartments and offices

When you click on the menu, sections available for navigation open: apartments, penthouses, office space, furnishings, real estate investments and contacts. The first three contain a list of objects with descriptions and diagrams, which allows you to first study the location of rooms and bathrooms without a personal visit to the apartment building.



Photos of apartments and diagrams – on any device

Adaptive design allows you to view the layout of apartments and office spaces, as well as study basic information about the house on screens with any resolution.


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