Prices for video editing 2024

In 2024, the video production market continues to develop dynamically, remaining in the center of attention of businesses and consumers. With the growing popularity of video in various fields, from marketing to education, issues of high-quality editing are becoming increasingly relevant.

Wondering how much video editing costs in Europe? In this article, we will look at price dynamics for installation services in 2024, identify key factors influencing cost formation, and provide an analysis of current market trends to help businesses make the right decision when choosing services. Price list for 2024 in the iFish digital agency.

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On this page you will find a complete analysis of all the nuances of the cost of video editing - prices for video editing 2024.

  1. Why is it profitable to order professional video editing of a video?
  2. Video production services for business
  3. What determines the price of custom video editing?
  4. Cost for full cycle video production
  5. Home video editing cost
  6. The cost of editing a video review for goods and services
  7. Cost of installation of promotional videos
  8. Cost of video design (production of intros, fillers, animated titles, infographics, etc.)
  9. Cost of video color correction
  10. Cost of video editing with presence
  11. Price for installation of online courses
  12. Price for video editing for YouTube
  13. Price for video editing: presentation / exhibition / promo
  14. Price for editing an advertising video
  15. Price for technical video editing
  16. Price for artistic video editing
  17. Video editing price per minute
  18. Video production price for business
  19. How much do video editing services cost?
  20. How much does it cost to install reels?
  21. How much does it cost to edit a video on Instagram?
  22. How much does 1 minute of video editing cost?
  23. How much does it cost to edit a 3 minute video?
  24. How much does it cost to edit a video for 1 hour?
  25. Comparison of subscription service vs. one-time video editing work
  26. Comparison of the cost of professional video editing services in Berlin and Prague
  27. Comparison of the cost of professional video editing services in European countries
  28. Comparison of the cost of professional video editing services in Europe and the USA
  29. Questions and answers about the cost of video editing
  30. Website cost calculator
  31. Order a price calculation for the website

Why is it profitable to order professional video editing of a video?

The video editing specialists at the iFish web studio have the skills necessary to create high-level videos. Our employees know how to work with video material, select suitable music and use effects for video.

The main reason why it is better to order editing services rather than try to do something with the video yourself : professionals follow trends in this area and edit videos much faster than beginners. This frees you from having to learn how to install or waste time doing tasks yourself.

Experienced editors add a unique style and creativity to your video content, which is what your video’s target audience needs.

High-quality installation speaks about the professionalism of your project, you will be taken more seriously, so do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to strengthen your reputation.

So, hiring professional video editing not only saves time, but also ensures that your video content is as effective and visually appealing as possible.

Video production services for business

  • Attracting attention and holding interest: Video is an effective way to capture the attention of your audience. It has long been proven that it is easier to interest people with dynamic and creative video content than with static texts or pictures.


  • Improved Image and Trust: Professionally produced videos convey brand values, demonstrate professionalism and inspire trust among potential customers.


  • Advertising products/services: using a creative video, you can clearly demonstrate the benefits of a product or service.


  • Social Media Promotion: Video content is in high demand on social media. Your videos can go viral and many people will know about your company.


  • Content Strategy: Video production can be an important part of a brand’s overall strategy. Regular video content helps you connect with your audience and strengthens your presence in the market.


  • Analytics: With video analytics, you can track how users interact with your video content. You always have the freedom to adapt your strategy to suit your audience’s needs.


Ultimately, look at your competitors. They all use video to promote themselves. Keep up with them.

What determines the price of custom video editing?

Before starting work we:

  1. We call or meet with you.
  2. We study your company and explore the idea of the project, its goals and requirements.
  3. We are putting together a brief for creativity. We write out the script or basic installation plan.
  4. We approve the plan and strategy of the video with the customer.
  5. We’re working!

Project complexity

The more complex and labor-intensive the project, the higher the price may be. The complexity depends on the amount and type of material used, requirements for special effects, the need for color correction and other wishes.
01 Stage

Video duration

If the video is long, it requires more time to edit, which affects the cost.
02 Stage

The need for special effects

If the customer requires the addition of special effects, animation or other complex visual elements, this also increases the price.
03 Stage

Editor's experience level

Experienced professionals charge higher fees for their services. Our studio's editors have sufficient skills to ensure high quality work.
04 Stage

Order fulfillment time

If the project is “on fire” and the deadlines for completing the work are very limited, the cost of the work increases.
05 Stage

Licensing and rights

Licensing music, video, or other types of content will also affect the overall cost.
06 Stage

Regional differences

In different regions of the world, prices for video editing services may vary depending on the level of the economy and local standards.
07 Stage


The price depends on how much time the editor has to spend on the project. More work usually entails higher costs.
08 Stage

Cost for full cycle video production

Video production is the best way to introduce your company or personal brand to the market. Instead of a regular selling website, use a video. It will also become your business card.

We offer a unique job: our video will reveal in detail your unique selling proposition and motivate you to take specific actions make a call, send an application, buy a product, order a service.

Full cycle video production includes the following services:

  1. Concept and script development: at this stage, the goals of the video, the target audience are determined, and a general idea is created. A script is then developed that defines the video’s structure, dialogue, scenes, and other key elements.
  2. Preparation: choosing locations, preparing equipment, selecting actors (if this is a video with actors), drawing up a filming schedule and other preparatory activities.
  3. Filming: location shooting, studio shooting, working with actors, using special effects, etc.
  4. Installation: processing and installation of removed material.
  5. Post-production: additional steps after editing, namely color correction, sound processing, adding animation and other adjustments.
  6. Distribution and Promotion: Once video production is complete, the video must be distributed to the target audience. Popular social networks or YouTube will help here.


Price for a full cycle of video production

30,000 €
Script writing
Shooting video
Final video editing
Equipment rent

Home video editing cost

Editing helps create a colorful and exciting story out of ordinary events. The choice of frames, the order in which they appear, the musical accompaniment all this forms the narrative, making the video more interesting. For example, if you want to connect all the family moments together.

When editing home videos, we:

  1. We select the best. We guarantee that every bright moment of your content will definitely find its place in the final version of the film or video.
  2. Selecting the perfect music. We carefully select the music, taking into account your preferences, and, if necessary, add sound elements to create an atmosphere that matches your video.
  3. We work with modern effects and transitions. We use the latest trends in the world of effects and transitions to make your video not only look stylish, but also meet the trends.
  4. We write the original script. We will develop a unique script for your video (if necessary).



Create a montage based on an hour of source material you providefrom 2,500 €

Work examples


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The cost of editing a video review for goods and services

Video review has become one of the leading and ever-growing trends in e-commerce, and it is still actively gaining popularity.

The purpose of a video review is to present the company’s products or services in video format. This format has proven to be more effective than traditional text content used on websites.

You need a video review if you are an entrepreneur, you have a startup or an online store that needs to be promoted. Promote your brand through quality video right now.

The cost of a video review for products and services in the iFish studio starts from 4,000 €.

Cost of installation of promotional videos

A promotional video is a short video designed to introduce the viewer to a company or a specific event.

Usually its duration does not exceed one minute. Unlike video advertising, the main goal of a promotional video is not only to attract attention, but also to introduce the company in order to interest the audience in the services or products offered.

Promotion is intended to present your company, new services and products. It can be used to announce an upcoming event. If you have a new promotion or discount offer, you will also need a promotional video.

A standard promo for our clients will cost from 8,000 to 12,000 €.

Cost of video design (production of intros, fillers, animated titles, infographics, etc.)

Intros, breakouts and animated titles make the content more attractive and interesting.

These elements work to create an effective visual impact, making your videos memorable. High-quality intros, titles, and infographics give your videos a professional look.

This is necessary for business presentations, video blogs, training videos and other formats where image and perception are important. Intros and titles serve to separate different parts of content, create transitions between scenes, or highlight key points.

The price for the production of screensavers, spacers, animated titles, infographics and other elements starts from € 2,000 .

Work examples


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Cost of video color correction

Color correction provides the ability to change the color scheme of the video, as well as improve the depth, brightness and contrast of the video.

In the professional sphere, color correction is an integral part of post-production, and its results can impress even those who shot the video. The “before” and “after” results are strikingly different.

Sometimes errors occur when shooting, such as insufficient lighting or too much color. And color correction solves these problems.

Overall, video color grading is a powerful tool that helps you produce better, more professional videos. Our studio specialists highly recommend not skipping this stage of work.

The cost of such a service is from 1,000 €.

Cost of video editing with presence

Businesses that provide services or products can order on-site editing to create promotional videos. Not everyone has installation skills, so our staff can help you.

Creating video editing is always a well-coordinated team activity, where each employee is responsible for a certain aspect of task completion. Developing a script for subsequent editing, cleaning audio tracks and selecting suitable effects – all these stages affect the final cost of the service.

Order on-site installation at the iFish studio. The cost for 1 hour of an editor’s work in the studio is 4,000 €.

Price for installation of online courses

The field of online education is under active development. Currently, all the necessary conditions exist for each specialist to share his knowledge and experience with those who show interest in a particular field.

People actively interact and demonstrate their willingness to buy information products, especially if they are of high quality. It’s just a matter of small things – their promotion and presentation.

The direction of online education needs a beautiful picture. Students will watch your video lesson longer if it is visually well-designed.

Do you want your videos to get views? We will help you edit an effective video lesson for only 4,000 €.

Work examples


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Price for video editing for YouTube

A video posted on a YouTube channel sometimes encounters unpleasant surprises, be it sanctions for copyright infringement or low activity among viewers.

The key success factor is not only the content of the video, but also its correct editing. As with online course editing, YouTube videos require a beautiful visual presentation. Videos with an interesting and creative presentation get the most views.

Our team knows how to work with bloggers, we follow trends and know what videos the modern audience reacts to. YouTube is still the most popular platform for video creators. All iFish studio editing techniques significantly increase the effectiveness of your videos on the YouTube platform.

The cost of editing a YouTube video starts from4,000 .

Price for video editing: presentation / exhibition / promo

High-quality digital technology is now available to everyone, which leads to widespread popularity of amateur video recording. However, when trying to create an exciting and colorful film from the footage, frustration often arises. So what should we do? A good presentation is especially necessary for the advertising business, which is why you should not skimp on editing your video materials. Our experts can quickly and professionally complete video editing of any complexity, and your promotional videos will no longer look boring and formulaic.


Simple video editing (simple effects and transitions) – from 1,000 €.

Complex video editing (for multi-camera video shooting, multi-clip, special effects) – from € 2,000 .

Creating a promotional video is a powerful way to get your brand noticed. An advertising video knows how to loudly declare itself. With the help of editing, we structure and support the plot of video advertising.

We will convince the viewer of the value of the product or service offered. The cost of developing a video is calculated individually and depends on various factors, such as the number of actors/characters involved, the complexity of filming or computer animation, the level of detail, and the duration of the video itself.

The cost of an advertising video in the iFish studio is 35,000 €.

Work examples


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Price for technical video editing

The main stages of technical video editing include:

  • Video editing: trimming, assembling and sequentially connecting various frames to create a seamless video sequence.
  • Color correction and color gradation : adjusting color balance, contrast, saturation and other parameters.
  • Audio processing: editing and enhancing the audio track, including removing noise, adding sound effects, adjusting volume levels, etc.
  • Adding graphics and effects: insert graphics, text, animations and other visual effects.
  • Export and save: convert the edited video into the desired format and save it for later use or publication.


The cost of technical installation is from 1,000 € / hour of source material.

Price for artistic video editing

Artistic editing is used in cinema, television, video art and other fields. This process allows directors and editors to express their ideas and influence viewers through visual means.

Basic elements of artistic editing:

  • Rhythm and tempo of editing: the speed at which frames change creates different emotional impressions. Fast editing can convey tension or dynamism, while slow editing can convey calmness and thoughtfulness.
  • Shot Sequence: The choice and order of shots play an important role in creating meaning and dynamism.
  • Editing by meaning: Linking shots by meaning is also important for artistic editing.
  • Motion Editing: Videos should be edited based on the movement of objects or characters.
  • Color correction and stylization: can be used to emphasize certain moods.


The cost of artistic editing is from 1,000 € / hour of source material.

Montage video price per minute

High-quality video editing is a complex art that requires not only technical skills, but also an excellent sense of aesthetics. Unfortunately, not everyone manages to have these qualities.

Video editing is not only a technical activity; It also requires a creative approach and artistic vision on the part of the editor. These aspects are especially important for our employees. It is thanks to the creative vision of our editors and their creativity that it is possible to turn individual fragments of material into a bright and complete movie, advertising video or an impressive music video.

Simple video editing (simple effects and transitions) – from 1,000 € (per minute).

Work examples


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Video production price for business

Videos draw attention to the company’s products or services. They can demonstrate the benefits of a product, talk about its features, and convince consumers to make a purchase. Every business is a special story. And video production is becoming a key element in creating a unique visual identity for a brand.

You are ordering not just a dry mechanism for transmitting information, but real art that can turn business processes into an exciting and entertaining performance. Therefore, there is no business without video production.

The price of a full cycle of video production is from 30,000 €. To discuss your individual project wishes, please contact our studio managers.

How much do video editing services cost?

Prices for video editing services vary significantly depending on many factors, such as region, experience of the editor, complexity of the project, and client requirements.

In general, the cost of video editing services can range from a few dollars per hour of work to several hundred dollars per hour or project.

Some editors prefer fixed rates for certain types of projects or standard services. Others offer customized pricing.

Editors of the digital agency iFish:

  • Able to work with special programs.
  • Develop observation and creative vision.
  • Understand the basics of the filming process.
  • They fragment the video sequence, glue the episodes so that it is not visible, add transitions, stabilize the video.
  • Know the basics of audio design.
  • They work with special effects, synchronize image and sound.
  • Add text/titles.
  • Work with graphics and animation.
  • Draw up a script and installation plan.


If you are looking for an editor right now, please contact us personally. We will discuss the details of cooperation and offer the best prices for your project.

How much does it cost to install reels?

Reels are short videos up to 60 seconds long on the Instagram social network. In general, Reels is reminiscent of TikTok: videos can be endlessly scrolled, and the selection is formed in accordance with the user’s interests. And even these short videos need high-quality editing. Editing will make your video content on Instagram more attractive, which means new subscribers will be drawn to you.

The cost of installing one reel in our digital agency is only 400 €.

Work examples


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How much does it cost to edit a video on Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks. On this platform we don’t just view content – we immerse ourselves in a visual world of stories, perfectly captured frames and unexpected discoveries. Simply put, it’s your digital art book. Here you can publish a video from a trip, a memorable event, a video greeting, an educational, musical or advertising video.

But don’t forget to decorate it beautifully. Editing one video for Instagram – 400 €.

How much does 1 minute of video editing cost?

Sometimes working with a one-minute video is more difficult than developing an hour-long video. It is extremely difficult to determine the exact cost per minute of video editing without taking into account the client’s needs, preferred video format and volume of source material. The approximate price of simple installation will cost 200-300 € per 1 minute of the finished video.

To specify the cost of such work, contact us personally: call or write to messenger.

How much does it cost to edit a 3 minute video?

Video editing is an integral part of high-quality video content. A useful service for those who blog on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. Companies and entrepreneurs especially often turn to us. Our editing works for effective and memorable content.

The cost of editing a 3-minute video starts from € 2,000 .

Work examples


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How much does it cost to edit a video for 1 hour?

In the process of creating film and video products, editing occupies no less important place than the filming phase. This stage plays a key role when it comes to creating the desired atmosphere and rhythm of the story. Poorly executed editing can distort and ruin all the efforts of the film set. And a high-quality one will transform even the most hopeless source material.

So, you need to edit a 1 hour video? The cost of such a project is from 4,000 €.

Comparison: subscription service vs. one-time video editing work

The subscription model involves services on an ongoing basis. The customer enters into a long-term contract with our digital agency to provide video editing services for a certain period.

One-time work is an agreement to carry out a specific video editing project or several projects, but without obligations for long-term cooperation. Payment occurs for each specific project.

What to choose?

  • Subscription service is more profitable for companies, enterprises or bloggers with a need to constantly update video content.
  • One-time video editing jobs are suitable for those who have specific projects that do not require constant video processing.

Comparison of the cost of professional video editing services in Berlin and Prague

Large cities or regions with a developed multimedia industry offer more editing services, which leads to higher competition and, accordingly, lower prices. In regions with a limited number of qualified specialists, prices for services, including video editing, are higher due to increased demand. But comparing current prices in 2024, we can say that video editing will cost less in Prague than in Berlin. Our studio in Prague employs professionals with extensive experience and love for media. Your project is in good hands!

Comparison of the cost of professional video editing services in European countries

In the Czech Republic and Poland, the cost of video editing services is lower compared to other European countries. For example, in Prague, Krakow or Warsaw, prices are much more affordable than in Western European cities – Paris, London or Berlin.

Comparison of the cost of professional video editing services in Europe and the USA

The United States has a high level of competition and high quality standards; foreign video editing professionals often charge higher prices for their services. But, in general, the price always depends on the complexity of the project: the required special effects, animation, color correction, etc. The more complex, the more expensive. A good video editor, both in the USA and in Europe, is worth its weight in gold. Therefore, the location of the professional is not as important as his experience.

Our best specialists are already ready to cooperate with you. It is not necessary to learn the basics of editing on your own to make a high-quality and interesting video.

Just one call to the iFish digital agency, and we are already discussing your project!

Contact us by phone or write to messenger.

Question answer

What is video editing?

Video editing is the process of creating a video by combining various video fragments, audio recordings, graphics and other elements into a single whole. The purpose of video editing is to edit and enhance video material to make it more attractive, informative, or emotionally rich.

Video editing is widely used in various fields: film industry, television, video blogging, advertising and even for educational purposes.

Why is installation needed?

Editing helps organize material and structure it in a way that conveys a specific story or message. Using editing, you can easily adjust the tempo and rhythm of the video.

Editing also allows you to adjust the color scheme, contrast, brightness and other video parameters. It is worth mentioning various visual and sound effects, transitions between scenes, animations – all this makes your video unique.

After all, errors often occur during the filming process – camera shake, unwanted sounds and other defects, and editing successfully helps to hide the shortcomings of the filming process.

What is included in video editing?
  • Material selection: selection of the best shots from filming for use in the video.
  • Scene editing: arranging selected frames into a logical sequence based on the plot.
  • Sound editing: working with an audio track, including adding background music and sound effects.
  • Color grading: adjusting color and contrast to achieve harmony and the desired visual effect.
  • Adding effects: insert special effects, transitions and graphics if necessary.
  • Timing and Rhythm: Work on the pace and timing of the video for a smooth or dynamic experience.
  • Titles and Captions: Add text information, including titles, titles, and captions.
  • Export and save: generate the final video file, taking into account the necessary settings and formats.
What is video color correction?

Color grading is the process of changing the color balance and overall visual appearance of colors in video footage. The tasks of color correction are to achieve a certain aesthetic or stylistic effect, correct color rendering errors, and also ensure uniformity of color perception in different frames or scenes.

What is good editing?

Good editing is invisible to the viewer. Transitions between frames should be smooth and natural, without distracting attention from the plot.

Editing maintains the desired pace of the plot, conveys dynamics, tension or, conversely, calm, depending on the requirements of the moment.

Good editing is an art that requires an understanding of cinematic techniques, creativity and a sense of proportion. Even to edit a small video, you need to learn a lot about the basics of editing.

What types of video editing are there?

Digital agency iFish specializes in custom video editing. We work with full-cycle video production, home videos, videos for online lessons and YouTube, commercials and many other types.

How to calculate the cost of video editing?

The cost estimate for video editing depends on the complexity of the project, the length of the video, the level of professionalism of the editing required, the need for special effects, sound and music requirements, deadlines and market standards. The longer your video, the more expensive the editing cost.

How to correctly draw up technical specifications for video editing?

Mandatory questions for drawing up technical specifications:

  • Video type.
  • Timing of the video.
  • Purpose of the video.
  • Budget.
  • References (examples of videos you like).
  • Where will the filming take place?
  • Where will it be distributed?


Company information:

  • Name, brand.
  • Field of activity.
  • Differences from competitors (what are the strengths and weaknesses).
  • Links to the site, social networks.
  • The target audience.


If you provide your materials for installation, then a table should be drawn up that will indicate:

  • Video sequence (name of the videos used, text used in the video indicating the location of the text in the video and frame).
  • Audio (when using voice acting, combining words with specific fragments of video + what background music is playing)
  • Notes


When ordering editing at iFish studio, please answer all these questions.

Website cost calculator

1. What kind of website do you need?

2. Do you have a website prototype?

A prototype is a future site plan, where all content is divided into meaningful blocks.

3. How many pages will the site have?

4. What design do you want?

5. What functionality?

Your website will cost approximately:

(+ - 3000 €)

Ориентировочная сумма:

Describe your task

Provide contacts

    Digital agency Europe

    We will develop a brand and platform for online sales [Site ❤ Landing ❤ Online store ❤ Portal]. We will build a system for automating processes in your business [CRM ❤ Telephony ]. Let's create a lead generation system using internet marketing tools [PPC ❤ SEO ❤ SMM]

    Choose a communication method that is convenient for you:

    Evaluation of your project
    Construction of a work plan
    Prices and terms