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Do you want to order a site? Creation and development of sites in Europe. We use 100% safe technologies in development and SEO promotion, which guarantee the best results. ❤ 13 years in the web ❤ cool team ❤ >300 works in the portfolio of the digital agency

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ABOUT Digital agency

iFish digital agency is a team of creative people who find and implement non-standard solutions for the development of your business.

Do you want to expand your business, improve your image and get new customers? Then you need a modern and responsive website that drives sales. Where to get it? Order a website, namely its development, advertising and seo promotion in a selected European country: Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, etc. Our cheeky yet sweet team will build the site and make sure it works for you.

In the European offices, the iFish web studio employs 25+ professional and creative people with different interests (from dancing and fitness to fishing and skiing). And if you want to make a high-quality website, they will be happy to share with you their experience and knowledge in the field of web technologies. Our Web studio is the best price/quality ratio. If you google these queries: website development ➔ order a website in Europe ➔ website development in Europe ➔ website creation in Europe ➔ make a website in Europe ➔ website development Europe ➔ order a website Europe ➔ website development Europe ➔ turnkey website development and other requests related to websites and find our website you know, we have made a lot of efforts to reach the TOP in such a competitive niche. This means our experience can be yours. To order a website in Europe, contact messengers or come visit.

Website development

Without design development (only the color of the buttons, logo and footer change). Fast development time (up to 14 days)

Unique design. Convenient admin panel for independent work. Lead time: from 4 weeks

A full-fledged online store with a catalog, unloading goods, a basket, payment and delivery from 1 month.

Single page selling website. Development about 2 weeks.

Digital agency “iFish” – development and creation of websites in Europe

What does “create a website” mean? And this means that all the activities that you are engaged in will be transferred to the Internet and presented to the world in one form or another. Initially, a framework for the site is created, that is, its appearance and functional features. The more features a site has, the more expensive and more difficult it is to implement. Together with the client, the programmer clarifies controversial issues and draws the initial appearance of the site. Also, one of the first questions to be decided is what this resource will be directed to and what contingent is intended for. Sites are created – interfaces, adaptive sites, online stores and sites with a unique design . If you need a simple, uncomplicated site, but with individual moments, then most likely a “business card site” will suit you. But if you need an online store, but in principle you don’t know where to start, then it’s worth discussing this point with a programmer. Also, the creation, development, production of sites in Europe takes some time until the entire structure is approved by the customer. An important point is the creation of a logo. You should be clear enough to explain to the designer what exactly you expect to see in the form of a logo for your site, because. it is one of the most memorable elements. You, as a customer, must fully confirm the text content of the site, but at the same time you can refuse this service and create all the texts yourself.

Website promotion in Top 10

Do you have a business but no website? Then you – to us. Have a business and a website? Anyway – to us) Why? Because one site is not enough for the effective operation of the company. To get a stable income, expand your customer base, increase sales and strengthen your market position, you need to optimize and promote your site. SEO is the optimization of a website for the requirements of search engines. The goal of the method is to take a high position in the search results, increase traffic and get more orders. According to statistics, only 20% of users follow links on the second page of search results. That is, if your site is on page 2-3 or even further, then consumers do not see it, and you lose money. To increase the traffic of the resource, you need to rise in the results of the issuance. This is what optimization is for. Promotion is not only website optimization. In order to raise the position of the site in the issuance of search engines, a set of works is needed, including its constant development and analytics.

Website promotion in “iFish” is:

  • complex work to get the best result;
  • increase in conversion and customer flow;
  • growth in sales of goods or services;
  • raising and strengthening the position of the site;
  • real reports;
  • transparent promotion costs.

Order website promotion in search engines

If you want to bring your site to the first page of search results, increase traffic and customer activity, order website promotion in our web studio. In the iFish web studio, you can order internal and external website optimization, advertising settings and promotion of goods and services. Write or call us – and we will tell you in detail about the features of a particular promotion method, and also, depending on the goals of your business, we will select the best promotion option. Do not be afraid of unfamiliar words and terms – our experts explain complex things in simple terms.

Order web site design

Website design plays a big role in running a business. High-quality and exclusive – easy to remember and emphasizes the advantages of the company, unobtrusive and understandable – keeps visitors on the site and promotes sales growth. Good design helps to solve various problems, in particular, it improves the reputation of the company and increases the flow of loyal customers. Web site design in Europe is a complex of works on site development, information structuring and graphic design. Designers can offer a solution based on templates (constructors) or create a design from scratch. The first option will cost less and will be ready faster. You will have to work on the second one, so its cost will be higher and it will take more time. Drawing a design from scratch is a unique development for your order. You will receive an original layout that you will not find on the Internet, and which will present your company favorably.

our works



Website development for Clemonds Marriage Agency

Website development for Clemonds Marriage Agency




Website development for writer Denys Tsvaig

Website development for writer Denys Tsvaig




Website development for the American transportation company Logistix101

Website development for the American transportation company Logistix101




Website development for Olean e-publisher in Spain

Website development for Olean e-publisher in Spain




Website development for the law firm IMMIGRATION LAWYERS

Website development for the law firm IMMIGRATION LAWYERS




Website development for a law firm in the Czech Republic

Website development for a law firm in the Czech Republic




Website development for the KA88 residential complex in Germany

Website development for the KA88 residential complex in Germany




Website development for the Bowlers chain in Prague

Website development for the Bowlers chain in Prague




Website development for Eck Immomanagement in Germany

Website development for Eck Immomanagement in Germany




Website development for the presentation of the Rosendelle project in Germany

Website development for the presentation of the Rosendelle project in Germany


Development FAQ

What is the difference between a site based on a ready-made template and an individual development?
  • Order a website based on ready-made WordPress or Bitrix solutions. If you need to create a resource cool, fast and cheap up to $ 1000, a site based on a ready-made template is the best solution for small and medium businesses. When creating a site, we skip the stage of design, layout and programming, we immediately proceed to filling and adapting the chosen solution to your business.
  • Order a turnkey website by developing from scratch. If you need non-standard and cool, there are 3-6 months for development and you have a decent budget from $ 3,000. Creating websites from scratch is a solution for experienced businessmen in online business, large companies or startups. When developing a site individually, we go through all the stages from writing a technical task, developing the design of all pages for all resolutions, to layout with animation and hardcore programming.

When choosing between a site created with a ready-made solution and a site written from scratch, remember that:

  • a site on a template will cost you less and you will get it faster, but you will be limited by the structure and functionality of the selected template. And for all the improvements you will need to pay extra in the future.
  • a site from scratch takes longer and costs more, but you get complete freedom of action and features, customizing the functionality and appearance of the future site.

Whichever option you choose, you can be sure that when ordering website development in the iFish studio, you will receive a quality product.

Responsive Design: Why Should Your Website Be Mobile Friendly?

Responsive web design (eng. Adaptive WebDesign) is the design of web pages that ensures the correct display of the site on various devices connected to the Internet and dynamically adjusts to the specified size of the browser window.

  1. 94% of smartphone users search for local information using their phones.
  2. A special algorithm for sorting Google search results on mobile devices and lowering the rating of sites that are not mobile friendly.
  3. Influence of site page loading speed on smartphones and tablets on the position of the site in Google search results.
What do you make websites on? And will we be able to manage the site without you after development?

Yes. At the heart of any modern site is one or another content management system (content). Alternative names CMS, admin panel, site engine. CMS is used to create, edit and manage content, content (texts, images, tables, videos, etc.) You will have personal instructions for maintaining the site. If, after viewing the instructions, at first something is not clear to you, you contact our specialists and get advice. For 10 years we have been trying to develop, maintain and conduct SEO optimization of corporate sites on various CMS, paid and free. As a result, we chose three systems that maximally cover the needs of customers when creating corporate websites – these are UMI, Bitrix and WordPress. Website development on WordPress + you don’t have to pay for the system, it’s free + there are a large number of paid and shareware design templates and additional functional modules + you can easily hire a freelancer or student for future improvements for a penny + you can understand the management, but many data are not available for editing and you need to contact a programmer – only 1 site on one management system, you can install an additional module and create language versions – generates a large number of page duplicates, as it was originally intended for creating blogs – requires knowledge and a lot of resources for SEO optimization – easy to hack due to a large number of holes in the code Creating sites on Bitrix + you can create 2 sites on one license or 1 site with one language version + many settings for managing promotions, price and product offers + easily integrates with CRM and payment systems + works on Bitrix 230,000 projects – complex system management and lack of information recovery in case of inept editing – difficulties in optimizing for SEO promotion – the system is large and difficult to develop, more suitable for online stores than corporate sites Website development on UMI + is intuitive for the user, convenient to work + you can create an unlimited number of sites + contains all the necessary functions for SEO optimization + guarantees reliable protection to destroy the site you need to be a virtuoso + 90,000 projects work on UMI + ideal solution for managing a corporate site – a complicated process of integration with various services – requires additional settings to speed up the loading of the site – few developers and studios specialize in UMI in Europe Regardless of which management system you choose, the development of a corporate website will most likely pay off and become an effective marketing tool if two conditions are met:

  1. the first condition is that the site will be made in a human way, thoughtful and meet the expectations of users;
  2. the second condition is that after development, you will really deal with the site and allocate a budget for its development every month.

We guarantee you the first condition! And with the second we will help, for a reasonable fee.

How much does website development cost?

It is possible to order a website inexpensively today only when developing it on a template or when ordering from a freelancer. The price for website development depends on the following factors:

  • type of site: a landing page, a corporate website or an online store have different functionality, complexity, and, accordingly, the cost of implementation;
  • layout features: static layout without cool animation is always cheaper than animation features and bells and whistles;
  • design: we are ready to implement a cool layout, render all pages (there are at least 6 of them on a corporate site), keep in mind the thank you and 404 pages and adapt the design to all popular resolutions;
  • volume of pages for filling and testing.

You can find out the final cost of the service from our managers after filling out the brief and clarifying all the details. Order website development, web design development or website promotion in the iFish studio and get a mega resource for promotion and making money online!

How long does it take to develop a site?

Web studio “iFish” for each project begins with collecting data, researching competitors’ websites and studying your product or service, business processes and forming technical requirements for website development. This stage takes 1 month in case of individual development. Further terms are determined after the research work. On average, it takes 4-6 months to develop a website. And so, we can say that the terms of site development vary in a completely different time range and depend on many factors. To find out the preliminary production time for your project, write to us and we will consult you free of charge. At the same time, it is important to understand that for small companies or new products, we have an express site service. It has a fixed period of creation from 2 to 3 weeks. This means that when developing a site on a ready-made template, we skip the stage of collecting data and generating technical specifications and immediately proceed to setting up the system for you.

Who is hosting and domain? And who is the owner of the developed site?

Website development begins with the selection of a domain name. This is your most valuable resource. After a while, you can order a redesign of the site, but it is better not to change the URL structure and name. When you change the address, you lose everything, namely: positions, traffic, customers. We register the domain name and hosting for you or your company. This means that the owner of the domain can be both an individual and a legal entity. To register as an individual, you will need to provide passport details and contact information. For registration as a legal entity – company details. After the delivery of the project and your 100% payment, the iFish web studio transfers the site to your property. We provide you with access to the administrative panel and hosting. Those. you can easily switch to another digital agency or web studio.

Why should I order website development in your web studio?

Benefits of creating a turnkey website and its promotion in the iFish studio :

  • We create websites that differ from competitors and help sell.
  • We know how to increase traffic and conversion.
  • We analyze the target audience, competitors and study your product.
  • Website development taking into account specific goals and objectives.
  • We help build relationships with the target audience online.
  • We save your time by offering a range of web services, i.e. you get everything in one place.
  • We trust our experience: web studio 10 years in the IT market, 30 completed projects annually.
  • We love challenges and strive for perfection.
  • We work with clients from different parts of Europe and the world in general.
  • We are always in pursuit of new knowledge (business books, video courses, trainings and conferences are must-haves for every employee).
  • We work in an office, so we quickly interact with each other and promptly resolve issues that arise at each stage.

Order the development and promotion of the site and feel the benefits of working with our web studio.

How to order the production of a website in the iFish web studio?

To order the creation of a website in our web studio, decide on the method of communication and the first step. You can fill out the form on the site, write us a message or call the manager by phone. The web studio develops websites not only for entrepreneurs and companies in certain cities, we work with all of Europe and the whole world. Stay in touch through a channel convenient for you: phone, email, Skype, Viber, telegram, WhatsApp from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 19:00. Of course, you can write to us at 12 o’clock at night, but in this case you need to be patient and wait for the manager’s response.

Web department

Website promotion

01. SEO services

SEO website promotion services

Effective website promotion in Europe in organic search engine results. A stable influx of new clients to the site from Google and other search engines.

English-language SEO promotion

Comprehensive SEO website promotion in English-speaking countries. Safe and effective website promotion in foreign markets

SEO promotion of online stores

Development and implementation of working SEO strategies for stores. Quickly bring the site to the payback of the advertising budget

SEO at the stage of developing a new site

A detailed strategy for successful website promotion from 0. We take into account all the factors that are important to achieve top positions

SEO site audit

Detailed technical analysis of the site with the preparation of a detailed and in an understandable language of those. bug fixing tasks for programmers

02. Website advertising

Setting up, launching and optimizing advertising campaigns in search engines. Detailed advertising analytics

Setting up and launching product ads in the Google search engine. ROI analytics for each product


What is SEO promotion, optimization or website promotion?

SEO promotion and SEO optimization is a set of activities aimed at obtaining shareware traffic from search engines to the site. Why shareware? Because you pay for work, for texts, for links, and this is also money or your long-term investment in the site with the expectation of receiving traffic from organic issuance. As soon as your online store or other web resource is in the top, more than 95% of users who entered a query in the search will pay attention to it. And this at times increases the likelihood of making a purchase or order from you, even without advertising. After all, the higher the site is ranked, the higher the degree of trust in it and, accordingly, the company / brand on the part of Internet users. Just imagine that 85% of users will never go beyond the first page in a search. It’s sad, but it’s a fact and all the cream in a particular niche and group of requests is collected by sites that are in 1-3 positions. At the same time, with a decrease in the position, the conversion rate from position to position decreases exponentially. Do you have a website, but there is no traffic on it? Do potential customers find and order online goods/services of interest not from you, but from your competitors? This means that the latter are in higher positions in the search results. This is possible provided that site owners are promoting their own online sites. Thus, they gain the trust of the consumer audience and develop their brand.

High-quality SEO promotion allows you to:

  1. Deliver the necessary information to the target audience.
  2. Prepare the audience for a PR campaign.
  3. Increase traffic to the site.
  4. Build brand loyalty.
  5. Increase sales of goods/services.

When is SEO not suitable?

If you want to:

    • Achieve results quickly and with a minimum budget.
    • Get to the top for a short list of high-frequency queries and queries from one word.
    • Get to the top for all the desired queries.
    • Get the result without changing the site and without working on the content.
    • Generate demand for a novelty for the market.
    • Satisfy all your company’s marketing needs with SEO.

Search promotion will not help achieve these goals.

What SEO metrics do we track?

A web studio in Europe offers to evaluate the effectiveness of promotion; it is customary to use the following indicators:

  1. Organic traffic to the site (website traffic). This is the flow of visitors who come to the site from organic search engine results.
  2. Growth of branded traffic. Shows the increase in site traffic due to clicks to it for requests that contain the name of your company, brand or other identifier.
  3. The number of external links to the site. These are links that allow you to navigate from one web resource to another. With the help of external links, the search engine determines the likelihood of site traffic and its authority.
  4. The number of keywords in the search. “Key queries” (“keywords”) are single words or combinations of words that Internet users enter into a search box to find a product or service of interest on the web.
  5. Site positions in search results for keywords. They are tracked either manually or using online services or special applications.
  6. Website CTR in search results. This is a measure of the click-through rate of a banner or other advertisement. It is calculated as the ratio of the number of clicks on the banner to the number of its impressions and is expressed as a percentage.
  7. The number of pages indexed on the site. After crawling the pages by search engine robots, information about the site and all pages available for search is entered into the database.
  8. Site visibility in search engines. It should be understood as the number of impressions for the selected thematic queries. The higher the visibility of a web resource in search engines, the more your potential customers will see the site when entering these queries.
  9. Site browsing depth. Shows how many pages of the site the user viewed in one visit.
  10. Time spent on the site/page. One of the most important indicators that gives an idea of the amount of time a visitor spends on a site/page before leaving and continuing to search on other Internet sites. The longer the visitor stays on the site / page, the better: from this we can conclude that he has time to absorb more content.
  11. Failure rate. The bounce rate is closely related to the time spent on the site or page metric, which is also determined in relation to the web resource or its individual pages. It reflects the percentage of visitors who entered the site / page and left him / her within 1-15 seconds, out of the total number of visits. A higher bounce rate indicates that the resource is not interesting to visitors, and vice versa.
  12. conversion rate. This indicator represents the percentage of the number of goals achieved (placement of an order, call, price list download, newsletter subscription, etc.) to the total number of interactions with the site.
  13. Target Action Cost (CPA). This is the price you pay for a specific action of your customer, both new and old.
  14. Visitor Acquisition Cost (CAC). The indicator is calculated as the ratio of the total cost of attracting customers to the total number of visitors to your site who completed the target action.
  15. Return on investment (ROI). This metric shows how profitable it is to invest in promotion. To calculate the return on investment, the general formula is used:

ROI = (Profit + (Sale price – Acquisition price)) / Acquisition price x 100%, where:

Profit is the total income received through the promotion of the site;

Selling price and Acquisition price are the fees for purchasing your product and promotion costs, respectively.

When ordering SEO services in our web studio, you receive a progress report every month or upon completion of work at a certain stage, which contains information on the listed indicators.

What are the main stages of website promotion in the top 10?

In general, the process of website promotion consists of at least 10 stages:

We define promotion goals. The correct choice of approach to promotion will depend on how correctly specific goals are defined.

We develop a promotion strategy. Taking into account the goals set, a plan for promoting the site is thought out and implemented. Once every three months, the dynamics of indicators is analyzed and, based on the results obtained, a decision is made on the need to revise the strategy.

We form the core of requests. At this step, manually and with the help of special services, a semantic core is assembled from key phrases that fit the theme of your site. The number of requests can be from several hundred (for business card sites) to several thousand (for online stores).

We prescribe a task for internal optimization. The task is formed on the basis of a technical SEO audit of the site. For this we:

We set up automatic generation of title, description, H1 headings based on templates for categories, products, filters, etc.

We form the addresses of pages on the site.

Optimizing filters.

We increase the speed of loading pages of the site.

We create an XML sitemap.

Removing duplicate pages.

We set up multilingualism (if there are language versions).

We optimize the server response code and page headers.

We set up micro-markup of reviews, information on the pages of product cards in online stores.

We do internal linking. Those. we link the pages of the site with hyperlinks in such a way that users and search engines can easily get from one to the other.

We optimize content. For those pages that need it, unique meta tags (title, description, key queries) and H1 headings are manually generated. For promoted pages, texts are formed with collected keywords in accordance with the requirements of search engines.


Improving the usability of the site. Work at this stage includes placing calls to action and feedback forms in the right places on the page, selling texts and background information. Thanks to this, specialists achieve that:

Users did not return to search results.

Decreased bounce rates.

The duration of the user’s stay on the page has increased.

We are working on external website optimization. To build a link profile, we use permalink exchanges, add natural links from forums, directly place links through webmasters of sites that do not sell them.

We increase the conversion from visitors to customers. We make corrections to the order forms. Change the colors of individual page elements if necessary. We add ways to communicate with managers through a web site. Step by step optimization of the pages.

We expand the structure of the site (we create new sections in order to increase thematic pages, etc.).

We make changes to text content, meta tags, internal linking, external link mass of web pages.

What are the terms for bringing the site to the top?

Terms of site promotion depend on the specifics of each project. In general, the chronology of progress can be represented as follows:

1-2 weeks: Approximately this is how long it takes to index new texts after they are posted on the site, change the regional affiliation of the site and snippets in the search results, indexing external links, changing the main mirror in search and hosting, setting up the server. During the first week, the preparation of the CMS is performed, if it is not expected to change.

2-3 weeks: After this period of time, duplicate pages drop out of the index.

1st month: We carry out work on the audit and technical optimization of the site, bring it in line with the requirements of search engines, remove the site from filters if they are applied, collect semantics, develop a promotion strategy and terms of reference. By the end of the third or fourth week, the CMS is being prepared with a shift.

2nd month: Setting up a web analytics system, publishing text content. During this period, external links gain weight, and the first low-frequency queries go to the top.

Month 3: By this time internal links are being indexed.

3-4th months: A large number of low-frequency queries already get into the top. We monitor and provide you with the first results on the growth of the visibility of the web resource and traffic to it.

5th month: We bring to the top part of the mid-frequency queries. As a result, the number of applications and the volume of sales of goods/services are steadily growing on your site.

Why should I order website promotion in your web studio?

A web studio in Europe has many years of experience in promoting web resources. Our team has been working in the European Internet marketing market since 2009 and successfully implements tasks to promote projects of any complexity.

We take a comprehensive approach to website promotion. You can order from us not only the services of an SEO specialist, but also a contextual advertising expert, smm specialist, copywriter, designer, content manager and other web professionals.

We use exclusively “white” methods of promotion. When working on site promotion, we avoid “black” methods of SEO promotion, which minimizes the use of penalties by search engines.

Web studio in Europe offers transparent cooperation. We enter into an agreement with each of our clients for the provision of SEO services and, in the process of cooperation, regularly provide detailed reports on the work done. If necessary, you can personally meet with representatives of our team.

We work for a quality result. We strive not only to increase traffic from organic issuance, but also to improve its quality. As a result, your site is ahead of competitors’ sites in all respects.

SEO cost


Name the promotional code "FISH 2022" and get when ordering SEO for 3 months:
Setting up Google Analytics 10 reviews on Google for free


A package of SEO services for passenger businesses in a selected European country: Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Germany, etc.

— Copywriting up to 10,000 characters

— Scope of work of specialists up to 5 hours

— Article promotion and placement of external links up to 5 items

— Position monitoring and reporting

— Work on low- and medium-frequency queries

1800 €
price per month
Order now


Promotion of corporate websites of small and medium-sized businesses in several European countries

— Copywriting up to 20,000 characters

— Scope of work of specialists up to 10 hours

— Article promotion and placement of external links up to 10 pieces

— Position monitoring and reporting

— Work with medium and high-frequency queries

price per month
Order now


Promotion of online stores and corporate sites throughout Europe

— Copywriting up to 40,000 characters

— The amount of work of specialists up to 15 hours

— Article promotion and placement of external links up to 20 pieces

— Position monitoring and reporting

— Work with all groups of queries

— Deep analytics tuning

— Work on usability and conversion

price per month
Order now

Gifts for 2000 €


Basic recommendations for website optimization

Even before the conclusion of the contract, we will conduct a basic SEO audit on your site for free and identify points of efficiency growth. You can realize them without even becoming our client.

Setting up Google Analytics

We connect and set up an analytics system for FREE ("Google Tag Manager", "Google Search Console", "Google Analytics"). You save time and money that would have been spent on this task.

Manage Google ads in 1 month

We do not charge a commission for managing your advertising campaign with 100% prepayment (for details and terms of the promotion, check with our managers). In the first month of cooperation, we increase your sales for FREE.

Team SEO

our clients


Digital agency Europe

We will develop a brand and platform for online sales [Site ❤ Landing ❤ Online store ❤ Portal]. We will build a system for automating processes in your business [CRM ❤ Telephony ]. Let's create a lead generation system using internet marketing tools [PPC ❤ SEO ❤ SMM]

Choose a communication method that is convenient for you:

Evaluation of your project
Construction of a work plan
Prices and terms